Natural Stones: The Flavors of Onyx

Posted on Dec 13, 2014
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The earth gives us many awe-inspiring, exquisite natural materials, including stone. From ancient times, every person from the emperor to the marine merchant to the farmer viewed their regional stones as items that could be functional as well as beautiful. Modern homeowners and business leaders continue to choose natural stones from a wide variety of exotic locations to add brilliance and classical attractiveness to their spaces.Onyx Slabs & Tile

Middle Eastern Onyx for Impressive Results

One of the areas of the globe that brings us incredible stones is Turkey, where impressive amounts of onyx can be found. There are several different types of onyx that offer opportunities to add boldness and romanticism to bathrooms, kitchens, patios, entryways and other locations.

Carmel Onyx

Carmel Onyx Natural Stone Bar One unusual type that holds a particular level of style and grace is Carmel onyx. Carmel onyx must be carefully quarried due to its fragile nature. Despite this fact, it is considered to be quite strong after each slab has been expertly cut, polished and sealed. Every piece of Carmel onyx from Turkey is unique and is cut from a thin layer in the quarry, about three feet thick. Like snowflakes, no two Carmel onyx stones are exactly alike. The diversity of the stone adds incredible visual appeal when used as either the centerpiece or supporting player of a room’s design, such as a bar top or sink vanity.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx Slab Carmel onyx is not the only type to be found in the Middle East. Black onyx also calls Turkey home. Despite its name, black onyx is not wholly black, but instead has black striations that vary in thickness and length. These black lines are balanced by striations of other hues, such as steel blue, light/dark gray and coffee. The result is a salt-and-peppery mix that sets off fireplaces, walls and vanities. One word of caution about Black onyx is that it is quarried in limited production quantities. This makes it highly sought after by discerning designers, so those who wish to use Black onyx would be advised to place orders as soon as they know they want to use this natural stone type.

Vanilla Onyx

Vanilla Onyx Close Up Like Carmel and Black onyx, Vanilla onyx is intrinsic to Turkey. Vanilla onyx delivers a wide range of white shades, from ecru to eggshell, for backsplashes and other interior areas. The quarry for Vanilla onyx is thicker than Black onyx and Carmel onyx, so it can be cut along the vein, which shows off the veins in the stone as lines, rather than in reminiscently-floral designs (cross-cut).

Turning to Nature to Turn Heads

Leave it to Mother Nature to outdo any substance that mankind creates in a laboratory. To make your next project last for generations to come, trust in any variety of onyx from the Turkish soil.

Seeing is Believing!

Arizona Tile Showroom and Slab Yard Locations Pictures on the internet are great, but until you can see it with your own eyes, run your hand lovingly down the edges of the slab, you won’t achieve full appreciation or fall in love with your next surface to perfectly complement your project!  Stop by at any of our incredible showroom locations and visit with our trained consultants to help you find the perfect addition to your project.

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