New Home, Old Tile: Freshen Up Your Space with These Tips

Posted on Sep 10, 2019
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Featured Image: Marciano Chiseled Lyon Travertine Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

If you recently purchased a new home, chances are you’d like to make a few updates here and there. Maybe you’re looking to refresh some old or outdated tile, without the effort (or cost) of a total renovation. Aside from completely replacing the tile, here are five easy tips for breathing new life into an old tile installation.

1. Deep Clean

First things first—a good cleaning can restore a lot of life to older tile. In general, opt for gentle cleaners and ask a professional if you’re not sure what’s safe to use on your tile. Use extra caution when choosing cleaning products for natural stone tile such as marble or travertine.

Featured Image: Aequa Tue, Aequa Hex, Baroque Peperino Strip Grouted Tile from Arizona Tile

2. Replace the Grout

Tile looking old and unappealing? It may not be the tile itself. Grout that is cracked, stained, discolored or worn out can make even the prettiest tile look drab. It’s easier than it sounds to remove and replace grout, and it might just leave that old tile looking as fresh and modern as ever. On that note, white grout isn’t your only option—consider unique and modern alternatives like bold, high-contrast grout or a hue that blends with the tile for a seamless, sleek look you can get with tile like our Aequa Tur Series Porcelain.

Image: Shimmer Pearl Glass Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

3. Bring Back the Shine

If your home’s tile is showing its age, there may be a sealant, polish or gloss that can restore some luster. Depending on the type of tile, an Arizona Tile expert can recommend products designed to bring back that shiny, new tile look. Your space will be a brilliant as our Shimmer Pearl Glass Tile in no time.

Image: Isabel Deco Decorative Wall Tile from the Seville Collection at Arizona Tile

4. Add a Bit of Something New

Even if you can’t replace all the tile right now, you might be surprised by what a few new tiles can do. Adding a decorative border or accent tiles to an existing installation could give it new life on a budget. This is a great way to get creative when revitalizing a shower, decorative backsplash or even floor tile.

Image: Tru Marmi Gold Porcelain Floor Tile with a Matte Finish Coming Soon from Arizona Tile

5. Or Embrace the Old

If your new place is home to a tile floor that’s a bit more vintage than modern—but still in good shape—consider embracing it! Older tile can look timeless and beautiful when you decorate the space in a style that complements it. Retro design is on-trend, after all, with revived styles like mid-century modern bringing vintage looks to the spotlight in many homes. Some carefully planned decorating can transform that old tile installation into something trendy.

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