Questions to Ask Contractors Before Starting a Remodeling Project

Posted on Sep 12, 2015
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Before beginning any remodeling project, it’s critical to ask contractors the right questions so you’ll know what to expect and how to best prepare. It will also allow you to be more actively involved in the entire process. We have set up a plethora of information on our Pinterest board about contractors, architects, and designers and the types of questions you should ask before hiring.

By proactively asking these types of questions before the crews show up at your home, you and your family or employees will experience less confusion.  Setting expectations up front keeps everyone in the loop.

Below are some key questions to ask before giving the green light to start a project:

1. What will the schedule be and what happens in the event of a change order? You’ll want contractors to outline tasks and timing to give you a big-picture scope, as well as a heads up on important deadlines. Be sure to get a plan for documenting any changes that happen along the way.

2. Who will be in charge and who will your main contact person be? Find out who will be in charge of supervising contractors and ensuring all is going according to schedule. Also, find out who you can contact with any questions. Discuss what method of communication will be used and determine how you’ll be able to reach your contractor after hours in case of an emergency.

3. How will your house and belongings be protected? Ask what dust-containment measures will be used and how the construction area be blocked off.

4. Are there any aspects of the project that raise a red flag? See if your contractor is aware of any areas that may trigger issues or cause a change in plans or timing of work. Come up with alternate scenarios, if needed so that you can avoid surprises and additional stress down the road.

5. When do you need to be available? If weekly meetings will be necessary, set them up in advance so you’ll be able to work your schedule around them. Also, check to see if there will be any other key dates you might be needed.

6. What documentation will you receive when the project is finished? Know what paperwork you should be getting so you can keep track of it and ensure you get everything you need.

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