Refreshing Your Bathroom and Kitchen with Colorful Pastel Tiles

Posted on May 20, 2021
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Featured Image: Gioia Sky Pastel Low-Fired Porcelain Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

When updating your kitchen or bathroom, pastel tiles can add a gentle touch of color. These shades make fantastic accent colors with neutral tones, but also serve well on their own to cultivate soft feature walls or countertops. There are a variety of pastel tiles available to transform your spaces, each with a unique shape, color palette, and finish. Here are our three favorite tile options for adding pastels into your renovation.

Gioia Porcelain Tile

The smooth, glossy Gioia porcelain tile gives maximum style for minimum effort. Interior walls, exterior cladding, countertops, showers, and steam showers are just the beginning of what you can accomplish with this tile. The Sky Blue shade adds a delicate burst of color to kitchens and bathrooms that invites people in.

This tile is perfect for accenting in your new kitchen. Adding an off-center strip of color on a white wall, paired with classic steel appliances, brings a vintage vibe straight into your home. When used as a backsplash, this tile can be laid into numerous energetic patterns, including the classic subway tile. Additionally, pastel blue countertops with white cabinets and appliances brings the gorgeous country chic aesthetic into the kitchen.

Bathrooms also benefit from the Gioia tile. When placed on the wall behind a tub, it cultivates a relaxing mood and welcoming space. Inside a shower is equally exciting. The gleaming finish of this tile stands out when paired with a matte, neutral tile on an accent wall or inside a shower. Bathroom sink countertops are striking with this tile, and work great with either white or gray sink basins.

Image: Flash Blush Pastel Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Flash Ceramic Tile

Our Flash ceramic tile has a light texture and fine glaze that adds a delicate refinement to any space. Its simple shape makes it the perfect tile for creative layouts. We recommend this tile for interior walls or showers. Due to the appealing contrast of its clean-cut shape and pastel color, the shade Blush is a wonderful option for adding vibrancy to your kitchen or bathroom.

This tile makes waves as a backsplash. The rectangular cut makes it a great candidate for the traditional brickwork layout, but geometric motifs that add motion to the space are also an option. Laying this in a herringbone pattern behind your kitchen sink adds depth to the room and revitalizes the other still space. For a more traditional pattern, try the Flash square cut tile. Paired with light, neutral walls and dark cabinets or appliances, the tile adds a fresh and exciting energy.

Inside the bathroom, the Flash Blush tile looks gorgeous as an accent wall. Consider setting it along one wall and contrasting it with a neutral color on the other three. This will add a soft pop of color, as well as draw attention to one featured part of the space, where you can focus your designing. Laying the tile vertically can make your bathroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

Image: Paloma Denim 3 x 6 Pastel Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Paloma Ceramic Tile

The geometric shape and glossy finish of Paloma ceramic tiles lend perfectly to an exciting, refreshed space. Due to this tile’s versatility, it can be mixed and matched with various other colors and materials. It works well on countertops, showers, and interior wall surfaces. The Denim shade, a soft blue-gray, is our favorite when cultivating a pastel look.

As a kitchen backsplash, this tile can be used to accent a brighter neutral tone like white to add a flair of style while maintaining a clean look. We also love mixing it with other tile materials, like stone or glass, when laying a new countertop or accent wall. The pastel blue next to a glimmering glass adds a timeless sophistication. It also pairs well with cool, dark stone shades.

In the bathroom, the Paloma Denim tile makes showers exciting. In each of its available geometric cuts, the tile creates a feeling of motion that enlivens and excites an otherwise still space. It can also be laid behind a bathroom sink as a backsplash to add some classic charm. The various geometric shapes each add character to your bathroom.

Elevate Your Space with Arizona Tile

Finding the right pastel tile when redoing your space is an essential part of renovation. At Arizona Tile, we offer a wide range of textures, colors, finishes, materials and shapes. No matter what tile you have envisioned, we have an option you will love. Our pastel tiles can be incorporated into a room to achieve any mood you’re aiming for. We offer two design tools to help you design your new space. The first, our Just Imagine Visualizer, lets you explore how different tile options will look inside your home before you make your purchase. The second, our Online Slab Yard, shows you all of the available slabs at your local Arizona Tile.

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