Remodeling Ideas for Unused Spaces in Your Home

Posted on Jan 26, 2019
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Image: Cementine Posa Accented Tile Staircase From Arizona Tile

Every spot in your home deserves a little love. Whether it’s an empty corner in your studio apartment, a spacious landing at the top of your stairs, untapped wall space in the kitchen or an entire room you just don’t know what to do with, a little ingenuity will go a long way in remodeling these unused spaces in your home.

Stairway to Office

If you have a little half-room off to the side of your stairway landing, this could be a great place to create a small office in your home, excellent study space for your children or a cozy reading nook for you. While you’re designing it, think of ways to make the staircase and the landing feel fluid, so they work well together. Most likely, this is a space you see and pass through several times each day.

Build a Hobby Room

Design a space that is just for your hobbies. Whether you paint, craft, write, sew, knit, scrapbook, do yoga or something else, create a hobby room in your home. Tips to think about: design a room that is well-lit, with lots of workspace and dedicated storage. Create an environment that inspires. Furniture to incorporate: bookshelves to store supplies and an industrial table with stools.

Image: 3-D Mesh Mount Stack Fireplace Room Divider from Arizona Tile

Rustic Room Divider

If you have an extra-large room and can’t fill it, a fun and fresh way to effectively fill the unused space is to introduce a room divider and essentially create two rooms. Hanging sliding barn doors is a trend that people love to see and love to talk about – a promised conversation piece! From there, you can create a little reading nook, a storage space, yoga and meditation cove, man cave, and so much more!

Ceiling Mounted Circular Hanging Shelf

For the lonely corner, suspending a circular hanging shelf from the ceiling is the perfect addition and will spice up the corner while creating a little extra storage or décor space. Add a little life to your new favorite corner with an indoor potted plant. Other décor ideas are to showcase a favorite photo, use it as a mini bar or create a bookshelf for your favorite reads.

Image: Decorative Wall Art with Metalwood Platino 24”x48” Porcelain Shelf from Arizona Tile

Design a Wall Mural

If your home is filled, but there is an empty wall space that keeps catching your eye, and you just know something has to go there… think about adding a decorative wall mural or a piece of art– something that really resonates with you and that you know will make you happy for years to come. You can make the wall functional with the addition of a shelf as well. If you’re not the artsy type, hire someone to paint one for you.

Create a Gallery Wall

A fun way to add personality and charm to your home – while making a statement – is by adding a gallery wall to your unused space. Think about the message you want to create – relaxed and eclectic, serene and calming, fresh and flirty, or whatever works for you. Have fun with it. Mix up frames, woods, materials, colors with black and whites, children’s artwork, personal mementos, etc.… don’t measure, just hang.

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