Samsung Radianz Quartz – Product Profile

Posted on May 17, 2012
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Want an alternative to natural stone that is made with the latest technology?   Samsung Radianz™ Quartz is revolutionizing residential and commercial construction / remodeling projects. With over 30 colors of Radianz™ Quartz available, Samsung has combined function and beauty to create an unbeatable choice for your next home or commercial surface.

What is Samsung Radianz™ Quartz?

Radianz™ is an infusion of more than 93% natural quartz crystals. It is a non-porous, maintenance-free surface that is durable, scratch and stain resistant and still one of the most attractive options for your project.

Why do we love Radianz™?

  • You never have to seal it. Ever!
  • It is impact and scratch resistant
  • It resists bacterial growth, so only standard cleaning is necessary
  • It is composed of 93% quartz – making it one of the hardest surfaces available
  • It carries a 15-year residential and 10-year commercial limited warranty
  • It is offered in so many colors that it is easy to find a match for any décor
  • Some colors even use pre-consumer recycled materials!

How can I use Radianz™ in my next project?

In the home, you can use Samsung Radianz™ Quartz for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanity countertops, and even window sills. In fact, window sills are an excellent application because you can water your plants on the sills without worrying about absorption or staining.

Though you might think that the home is the ideal place for Radianz™ quartz, you may be surprised to discover all of its uses in commercial projects. Radianz™ is ideal for high traffic commercial bathroom sinks, bar tops, and table tops – any place that requires elegance and indestructibility.

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