Showroom Showcase: Mission Viejo Arizona Tile

Posted on Jun 9, 2013
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Tell us a little bit about your Arizona Tile branch and what sets you apart from other tile stores in Mission Viejo.

What puts the Arizona Tile Mission Viejo Tile Showroom heads above the competition? Manager Caroline Hulshof shares with us what makes their store unique and a peak into the fantastic customer reviews they receive.

Customers love that they don’t need to wait for special orders! With the decline in the market, we have several competitors in the area that have left the market. Since our Anaheim location stocks product, we are the only showroom in the area where people can get their tile quickly.

What type of product trends have you noticed lately within your area?

We have had a shift towards Quartz countertops for the kitchen. Customers are attracted to the clean aesthetic and durability. Also, the wood-look porcelains have amazed so many people that they aren’t actually wood! It makes them rethink the real thing.

What kind of special orders does your store see?

Typically we see special order requests for natural stone tiles. The customer may be looking for a stone in a certain size or finish that we don’t stock. The great thing is we can get exactly what they are looking for!

Has anyone in your store received an excellent customer service recommendation from any customers?

Recently Mark Gerdes received a great review on Yelp. The customer was impressed with his customer service and noticed how he handled multiple groups equally well. She loved the selection and suggestions!

B.V. writes:

“Mark, the sales guy, was so so good to us, he checked the stock, gave us suggestions and even asked the other people browsing around that he would come to them soon, so very different from the Big box stores where you have to crank your head a mile high to see the tile from down below (depends on how tall you are) and then wait to get a couple questions answered . They have a decent level of selections and I look forward to placing my order soon. Place was very neat and clean.”

Another satisfied customer also wrote this review on Yelp.
“My husband and I were out searching for tile for our fireplace on a Saturday. We happened by Arizona Tile in Mission Viejo pretty much by accident. We were driving down the freeway on our way to another tile showroom when we remembered Arizona Tile. We went in thinking this place was going to be the most expensive. Boy, were we surprised when we found the exact tile (rustic gold natural stone) and the price was the lowest we had seen all day (including Home Depot and Lowe’s).

Regarding customer service, they were great! Very helpful, offered to give us samples to take home and keep. None of the other showrooms we had visited offered samples. When I called the following Monday to place my order, they remembered who I was and what tile we were looking at. This is a big deal as the showroom was quite busy the day we were there. Very professional. Very clean, beautiful showroom with lots to choose from.

Next time we need tile, natural stone or granite we will definitely go to Arizona Tile FIRST!”

Next time you’re in Mission Viejo, stop in at Arizona Tile and or let our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff help you design and find the tile style which fits your lifestyle, and your budget.

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