Spring Cleaning: Rejuvenate Your Tile and Grout!

Posted on Apr 26, 2013
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It is that time of year again! The weather is getting warm and we want to open up all of the windows and doors. We long to get some fresh air through our homes and banish all of that dirt from winter. It is spring cleaning time! Is your tile and grout looking a bit worse for the wear after a long winter’s night?

A little TLC will go a long way to get your floors and other tiled surfaces looking great! No matter the type of tile you own, good floor mats are your friend near entryways. Place one inside and one outside the door to catch the dirt and debris that gets tracked in on shoes. Sweep or vacuum this area regularly – those bits of dirt can scratch your tile, but it can also collect along the grout line making your floor look dingy. A grout sealer during installation can keep grout looking clean, but a small amount of regular maintenance will keep you tile and grout looking new longer.

Your best cleaning options for natural stone as well as glazed and unglazed porcelain tile is to use a ph balanced tile cleaner, such as Arizona Tile’s Stone Preserve Cleaner, and warm water. Rinse the surface and then dry it with a soft cloth for a streak free clean. Using a separate bucket for rinse water and changing it frequently will leave your floors much cleaner than using a single container.

Scouring powder contains abrasives that may scratch the smooth surface of tile and stone. Detergents can leave a soap film on the surface of the tile that will make it look dull. Believe it or not, even vinegar should not be used on natural stone or porcelain tile. The natural acid in vinegar and citrus juice can cause damage. If you find a crack or split in the natural veining of your stone tile, this can easily be repaired with grout or epoxy.

Of course, each tile is different and care should be taken to follow specific manufacturer’s instructions for tile care and maintenance, but these are some simple tips that will keep most tile products looking great!

Be sure to stop in with your local Arizona Tile store to get helpful information on how to keep your tile and natural stone looking like the day it was installed.

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