Spring into Warmer Weather with These 8 Patio Ideas

Posted on Mar 6, 2019
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Featured Image: Salem Grey Limestone Tile Patio From Arizona Tile

As warmer weather is slowly but surely on its way, it’s almost time to sweep off that patio, break out the outdoor furniture and welcome the sights of spring. This season, you might be planning a few upgrades to your patio to make it more stylish and functional for your backyard relaxation and entertaining needs. Take a look at these ideas for getting your patio ready for spring:

  • Patio Bar: If you do a lot of entertaining in your backyard, or simply like to enjoy drinks in the outdoors, installing an outdoor bar is a great idea. Whether you go for a simple, elegant stone and brick bar or a charming Tiki look, this is one way to revamp your patio just in time for summer.
Image: More Wood Noce Wood-Look Outdoor Tile Patio From Arizona Tile
  • Wood-Look Tile: Wood-look porcelain tile is an unexpected yet beautiful choice for a patio. Extend your home’s interior floors straight into your outdoor living space with tile that looks like real wood.
Image: Aequa Castor R-11 Anti-Slip Tile Outdoor Patio From Arizona Tile
  • R-11 Anti-Slip Finish: Porcelain tile engineered with R-11 Anti-Slip Finish is an excellent option to keep your patio from getting slippery, whether you like a wood or cement look surface.
Image: Quarry Colonial Series Patio Tile From Arizona Tile
  • White Pergola: A white painted pergola is versatile, modern and chic—a perfect complement to patio surfaces in rustic earth tones, such as quarry tile or travertine.
Image: Castle Brick Grey Porcelain Patio Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Mix-and-Match Surfaces: Add contrast and visual interest to your patio when you pair different materials and textures with one another. Think faux brick bar plus concrete countertop, limestone hardscapes paired with pea gravel, or decorative tile that contrasts a simple cement-look patio.
  • Unique Hardscaping: Set your backyard landscaping apart with unique hardscaping to create an outdoor paradise. Tiered flower beds, winding pathways and rustic stone seating areas are perfect for creating a welcoming, natural living space on your patio and beyond.
  • Built-in Firepit: If you’re looking forward to late summer nights around a warm fire, why not transform your patio with a built-in stone firepit this year?
  • Plenty of Plants: Of course, no patio is complete without an abundance of plantlife and foliage to keep it looking natural and integrated with your landscaping. Choose a range of native flora to display in pots, hanging baskets, rustic barrels and more, depending on your personal style. Climate permitting, you can even welcome spring by planting vegetables and herbs around your patio!

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