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Featured Image: Skylights Fog Stag Joint & Smoky Glossy Glass Tiles

They can be sassy, they can be whimsical, they can be sophisticated… they’re glass tiles and they’re one of the hottest ways to spruce up any kitchen or bathroom project! From their inclusion on backsplashes to fireplaces, glass tiles have taken center stage among contractors and homeowners who want affordable glitz and glam for their innovative jobs.

You might be wondering how to use glass tiles, especially given the fact that glass is known for being… well… breakable. The good news is that glass tiles, unlike glass vases or light bulbs, are constructed to be shatter-resistant. They’re durable and long-lasting; that’s one of the reasons they’re so appealing from a practical standpoint. Make no mistake about it, though: From an aesthetic perspective, they are downright amazing!

Glass Tiles as Backsplashes

Backsplashes have definitely made a “splash”, whether they are located in the kitchen, bathroom or pool area. Glass tiles do not absorb water, making them practical for areas with high humidity. They’re also easy-to-clean because their surfaces are not highly porous. With a few wipes, they retain their gloss and/or shine.

Some of our favorites for backsplashes in residential and commercial properties include the Soh Glass Stone Stack tiles, which is already pre-organized and ready to install. It comes in tons of variations, so it can fit any room’s theme. Another favorite are the glass tiles from Watercolors Glass. Their thickness (8 mm) make them perfect for industrial locales where they’re likely to be used frequently.

Glass as Countertops

Countertop projects utilizing glass often use it to create a clean, contemporary look. Used in a kitchen environment, it can add a pop of color, whether in a home or a restaurant. Curava’s Recycled Glass slabs are one of the most eco-friendly surfaces available, comprised of 60% recycled glass. Post-consumer or postindustrial recycled glass, that was previously used for bottles, windows and windshields, is collected from landfills and other sources.  It is then ground into small chips and combined with 31% quartz and 9% resin to make the slabs.

As a glass product, it is stain and heat resistant.  Plus it is non-porous and therefore very sanitary. Curava slabs come standard with a 15-year warranty.

Glass Tiles on the Floor

Though it might sound incredible, glass tiles can be used on some floor areas. Generally speaking, they are more often chosen for bathrooms or pool areas. In some situations, glass tile mosaics or stacks that include stone, are a good option. The variety of textures provides traction, which is helpful in reducing the possibility of slipping.

Creativity is Alive!

Perhaps the best aspect of glass tiles is that they are extremely versatile! If you haven’t used them before, why not investigate whether or not they will work for your next renovation? You might just find that all that glitters isn’t gold… its glass!

Before you get started, try out our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool and make your next project have the glitz and glam you so desire!

Pin your finished projects to Pinterest and put “@ArizonaTile – Tile Install” in the comment section so we can enjoy your creative handiwork too!

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