The Good News About Marble Countertops

Posted on Jan 18, 2014
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Featured Image: Calacatta Borghini Marble

Daino Reale Marble

For millennia, there’s been something hauntingly beautiful about marble. To geologists, it may be just a type of rock… but to us, its ethereal qualities have made it the centerpiece of buildings like the Taj Mahal in India and sculptures such as Nike of Samothrace, on display at the Louvre. No wonder so many families have dreams of installing marble countertops! Nothing compares to its beauty and luminescence and what better way to enjoy it every day!

Before making the jump to marble, however, it’s important to understand the requirements for installation and maintenance so you can make an informed choice about if marble countertops are right for you and your home.

The Good News about Marble Countertops…

Emperador Dark & Emperador Light Marble

In Italy, marble was used in almost every way – from architecture to sculptures – heck, even curbs! Think about how the marble has weathered over 2000 years and understand that you are considering a product that will last for years to come! Marble comes in so many natural patterns and colors, and they all seem to be able to find their place within just about every kitchen style so the perfect type of marble to match your décor can always be found.

Additionally, marble is naturally textured and uniquely veined which makes every slab individual and interesting. Even if you and your neighbor have the exact same kitchen layout, your marble countertops will be completely different. And what a showpiece! Let’s face it – no one ever walked into a kitchen with marble countertops and said, “This isn’t impressive at all.” So for pure aesthetics, marble gets an A+ rating each and every time!

The Truth about Marble Countertops…

Okay, so before you run out and buy some marble, you need to consider maintenance. Even if you have it sealed – and we always recommend that you do – it requires regular upkeep to maintain its original luster for as long as possible. Being a porous material, it is sensitive to acids, so if you leave a lemon or tomato on it, you may get a stain.

Like any other natural stone, it requires care, but just remember that the Taj Mahal hasn’t been sealed every year since it was built! Marble will last for a long time to come – and some people enjoy the look of weathered marble.

The qualities of marble are no different than many other stone countertop choices. Yes, they have special needs. Yes, they can get nicked if you use them as a cutting board. But they also make a perfectly cool place to roll out piecrust! And the color of marble is divine.

So discuss your options and maintenance requirements with our specialists before committing your heart to marble (or any other) countertops. Only you can decide what will look best in your home and how much maintenance you want to invest in your countertops. We want you to be completely happy with the product you buy and you may be happier with a countertop that requires less maintenance. But we understand if you can’t get past the beauty of marble… Neither could Michelangelo!

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