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Featured Image: Watercolors Ocean Glass Tiles

Most of us would probably agree that glass tiles are gorgeous to look at and add uniqueness and style to any space. But, aside from their aesthetic appeal, are glass tiles a practical design choice? After all, glass is delicate and breakable…isn’t it? Be sure to check out our Pinterest board with all sorts of ways to use glass tiles.

Characteristics of Glass Tile

Glass tile has many wonderful features that make it a great material for a variety of projects, from both visual and practical standpoints. Glass tile is:

  • Shatter-Resistant Unlike the type of glass that vases and light bulbs are composed of, glass tiles are built to be shatter-resistant.
  • Durable Strong and long-lasting, glass tile is extremely practical.
  • Water-Resistant As glass tiles don’t absorb water, they’re popular in areas with high humidity.
  • Easy-to-Clean Since glass tile surfaces aren’t highly porous, they’ll get back their shine with just a few wipes.
  • Heat-Resistant Heat-resistant tile comes in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, providing options that work with many different design schemes.

Glass Tile in the Home

Glass tiles can be incorporated in several areas of a home and are an affordable way to add a bit of glimmer to any room. Due to its heat- and water-resistance, glass tile is a perfect choice for fireplaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. Here are some different ways glass tile is commonly used:

  • When used in fireplace surrounds, the firelight shimmers, creating an amazing ambience.
  • In kitchen backsplashes and countertops, glass creates a clean, contemporary look. Watercolors glass tiles provide a stunning look for a kitchen backsplash.
  • Glass tiles are frequently used in bathroom countertops, tub surrounds, and shower walls. Shimmer glass is a particularly beautiful choice for bathroom designs as it is hand-poured, resulting in a variation of color among the individual mosaic tiles.

As you can see, glass tile is extremely versatile! A range of different options are available, and each type of glass has its own unique qualities, so you can select a tile that truly reflects your style.

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