Tile Choices for Your Beach House Oasis

Posted on May 7, 2013
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A home at the beach is a relaxing oasis to restore and refresh from the stress of everyday living. But if you are faced with deciding what type of flooring to install in your beach home, you may be feeling less than relaxed.

There are so many things to consider – easy clean up, something that can withstand abrasion from sand, slippery when wet and of course looks.

When choosing the right tile, you may want to consider your cleaning style. Will you be cleaning every day? Do you mind if you can see sand on the floor? Or would you rather the sand blend in a bit so it isn’t quite as obvious?

Consider Color, Texture, and Grout

Color, texture and grout color are all things you will want to consider. A smooth tile in either a very light or very dark color may become slippery when wet and may show sand more than say, a tan or sandy color tile that has a bit of texture. A beige color grout will be much more forgiving in this situation too.

Porcelain tile is an ideal choice for flooring in a beach home. Since it is durable, easy to clean and doesn’t stain, it can withstand some “abuse.” With so many choices in porcelain, Arizona Tile carries a tile that will fit any décor and cleaning style.

When you visit our showroom, tell our friendly staff about your beach house project and they can help guide you through our selection to the tiles that will work perfectly for your home or office.

From our Over Series whose pattern has a lot of movement and looks like wood to our Cotto Series that is a porcelain that looks like old world cotto pavers to our clean modern look of our Cebu Series porcelain tile.

Come in and talk with our expert sales staff from any of our Arizona Tile locations to find a tile that will fit perfectly in your beach home.

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