Tile Design: Achieving White Space

Posted on Jun 15, 2013
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*Feature Image Above:  Shimmer Mosaic Pearl Glass Tile 

White space – a place for the eye to rest.

White Space can bring peace to your overall design, or give visual punch to a specific feature.

So how do you incorporate this design concept into your décor when you are using tile? Let’s begin with a tile that is extremely popular these days and just happens to come in white – Subway Tile.

Subway tile is a fixture in New York City subways, hence the name. Recently, it has become popular in home design and we offer it in two sizes, 3” x 6”, 4″ x 12″ and 4” x 16”. Classic subway tile is no longer limited to just white, it now comes in a variety of hues.

If you take our H-Line porcelain tile series in “Cotton” and cover your bathroom walls in them, you will have a nice white bathroom.

 Offset White Tiles with an Accent for Pop!

However, if you take those same H-line tiles in “Cotton” and cover the walls but create an inlay with our hand painted, hand poured Soh Glass Stone Stack in “Suede” – this creates a six inch decorative band halfway down the wall. Your eye will immediately focus on the gray band you have created, and travels around the room. Those classic white tiles have allowed your eyes to focus on the design element in the glass stack tile inlay.

Of course, this is a very modern interpretation of “white space” for a very modern look. But this design concept can be used in any décor or style… and it doesn’t even have to be white.

The same bathroom can be tiled in travertine as in this bathroom wall done in our Torreon Stone. Your eye immediately goes to the elegant listelle accent that adds old world charm to this lovely bathroom.

White space doesn’t only have to direct the eye to a tile accent. It can also direct the eye to a piece of furniture or feature. In our feature photo above the post, our Shimmer Glass tile offers the perfect backdrop for an amazing sink and vanity combination.

White space allows your accessories to accent your space, which you can easily change out with the seasons or when the mood strikes – a much more economical way to keep your look fresh!

Not sure what your bathroom or kitchen will look like with white space?  Check out our Just Imagine Tile Visualizer design tool with your own pictures and design the room of your dreams before leaving your home.  Once you have found the patterns that pop, come on down to any of our Arizona Tile locations and allow our helpful, educated staff bring your dreams to fruition!

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