Tile Rugs that Rock!

Posted on Dec 27, 2014
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Featured Image: Backyard Patio Tile Rug from Southern Living Magazine

Rug Design Tiles from Martha Stewart   A truly great and aesthetically appealing design idea for a tile floor project is a tile rug. With this design, tile is used to create a “rug” by making an outside border around an inside design. To give the appearance of an actual rug, the design should be different in size, pattern or material than the rest of the floor.

Customize Your Tile Rug to Match Your Style

You can get really creative with the numerous options in colors, patterns and sizes of tile that are available and create a highly customized design to personalize your floor. By mixing and matching colors, patterns, sizes, and even textures of tile, you can construct an incredibly unique look.  Black and White Tile Rug for Bathrooms For example, a black and white tile rug will create a high contrast and provide a sleek look, whereas a tile rug designed with a cream center and a tan and brown border will provide a more neutral look. You can be as elegantly subtle or as daringly bold as you wish.

Suitable for a Variety of Spaces

Tile rugs are a great décor option that can be made to fit any space. They can be created in front of a bathroom vanity, on a front porch to emphasize an entryway, as an area rug that outlines a living area, among others. Whether created to serve as the focal point of a space or to complement the overall aesthetic of an area, tile rugs make a fantastically eye-catching addition to the design of your home.

Ready to Build Your Own Tile Rug?

For more information on creating tile rugs, drop by one of our Arizona Tile locations or have a blast using our design tools with Just Imagine and Just Design, as well as our custom blend Mosaic Builder.  We have many tools to spark your imagination.  Upload a picture of your floor and then overlay it with the design of your choice. Our professionally trained design consultants will answer any questions you have.

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