Tile That Looks Like… Is It Tile or Isn’t It?

Posted on Aug 10, 2017
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Featured Image: Calcutta Polished Porcelain the looks like Marble from Arizona Tile

Advances in technology have made look-alike tile—such as tile that looks like wood or concrete—a popular choice for homeowners in recent years. Porcelain and ceramic tile are available in versatile colors and patterns designed to mimic the look of other popular surfaces, like hardwood, marble, cement, brick, metal and more. Choosing a look-alike tile is a great way to get the style you love along with the durability and easy maintenance of porcelain. In many cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between these high-quality “copycat” surfaces and the “real deal.”

Let’s take a look at a handful of look-alike tile options that could transform your space. Can you tell what’s tile and what isn’t?

Image: Sav Wood Miele Wood Look Tile from Arizona Tile

Tile That Looks Like Wood

Tile that looks like wood is one of the most popular flooring trends across homes today. Wood-look or “faux wood” tile is appealing due to its durable nature, which makes it more resistant to water damage and scratching compared to hardwood. Wood-look tile requires very little maintenance, making it a good option for high-traffic areas like kitchens. Plus, the tile planks are designed to look like wood grain for a close resemblance to real hardwood, bringing that sought-after warmth and classic appeal to your space.

Our popular porcelain wood-look tile Sav Wood is available in a range of colors to coordinate with any interior design style. From the trendy, whitewashed Bianco to the woody warmth of Iroko, you can easily find a color that works with your décor.

Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Marble

Even the most luxurious and beautiful natural stones can be closely matched by porcelain and ceramic tile varieties. Calcutta is a stone-look porcelain tile that emulates the classic and beloved look of Calacatta marble. With randomized veining in warm grays, this fresh white tile is perfect for bathroom walls, tub surrounds, showers and more. An excellent, durable alternative to naturally porous marble, porcelain tile is an ideal choice for homeowners who prefer a low-maintenance design but love the timeless appearance of marble.

Image: Camento Antracite Cassero Cement Look Tile from Arizona Tile

Cement-look Tile

Cement-look tile is a trendy way to give any room a modern look. With stunning tile options like Cemento Cassero, you can avoid the effort of sealing and maintaining real concrete, which is porous and prone to stains. Porcelain tile’s nonporous nature gives it a leg up over concrete in terms of stain-resistance, and it’s an excellent option for pet owners, high-traffic areas and rooms where water damage is a potential concern.

Image: Castle Brick Series in Red Tile the looks like Brick from Arizona Tile

Tile That Looks Like Brick

Brick is a much-loved material that instantly gives any space a rustic, chic aesthetic. Get the look in an easy-to-clean form with brick-look tile. Our Castle Brick Series is available in white, gray, brown, red and multicolor options so you can get the exact look you want on your wall, fireplace, backsplash, tub surround and more with this tile that looks like brick.

Image: Alloy Series Zinco Titanio from Arizona Tile

Metal-look Tile

A rising trend in interior design, metallic surfaces are a unique and striking addition to your home décor. With a look that’s similar to concrete-like tile, tile that looks like metal has a reflective quality that adds character to a room. The sleek Alloy Series, available in polished and matte colors, gives you the perfect accent surface for your modern or industrial-style space.

Design your ideal space using creative tile selections with the Just Design Visualizer from Arizona Tile.

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