Tile Trends for a Lady’s Bathroom

Posted on Jul 5, 2014
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Would it surprise to you to learn that the average American home has at least two bathrooms? This means there’s at least one opportunity for the lady of the house to have her own place to get ready in the morning in peace and comfort, all the while surrounded by a charmingly decorated and designed space that’s truly feminine in nature. From bath tile to hardware, every element can be carefully chosen to appeal to the woman of the house. Marmol Select Porcelain Tiles

While not all women share the same tastes, there are a few characteristics that make a bathroom space intended for females seem particularly ladylike. Below are three of the more predominant traits that ladies’ bathrooms – including those located in commercial properties – tend to share:

A Decidedly Muted or Subdued Tile Color Palette

Psychological studies have shown that females tend to gravitate strongly toward specific shades and tints, such as turquoise, purple, lavender and – not surprisingly – pink or mauve. Women generally prefer neutral warm brown shades as well rather than the starkness of black and white. Colors that tend not to work in women’s bathrooms include orange, red and yellow hues. Porcelain or ceramic bath tile from the Marmol series including Marmol Select and Marmol Café offer cream and tan palettes that are pleasing to the female eye and ideally suited for any lady’s bath area.

Arabesque in Athens Grey

Delicate Tile Patterns and Textures

When choosing design elements, women and girls gravitate toward more petite patterns and textures; this means shapes like the ubiquitous fleur de lis are apropos.  Consequently, a lady’s bathroom is unlikely to have as its centerpiece large bath tile; instead, it is more aptly equipped with delicate looking yet highly functional tile.  While some larger bath tile may be used to achieve a particular look or ambiance, the overall result should be a bathroom that feels feminine and gentle.  The Just Design Custom Program offers some exquisite bath tile for walls made from a variety of materials in compact patterns that work in both larger and smaller bathrooms.  As an example, the Arabesque design, shown here in Athens Grey Vein Cut Limestone, offers an undulating pattern that features tantalizing arcs as a part of a romantic design.

Use Tile to Turn Any Bathroom Space into a Lady’s Utopia

A bath area of any size can be made to feel like an oasis to the women who pay the space a visit. Ultimately what matters most is that the person using the space loves it and feels comfortable there. Take the prep time and choose every element with care; the result will be unforgettable.

Get started pairing a variety of porcelain or ceramic tiles in our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool. Post your ideas in the comments below!

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