Tips for Hosting a Summertime Pool Party

Posted on Jul 9, 2016
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Summer is well underway, and with it comes some of our favorite outdoor activities. Hot weather means backyard cookouts, bonfires, beach time, and, of course, plenty of dips in the pool. If hosting a pool party is one of your summertime plans, here are some tips for making it a great experience.

Cementine Black and White
Arizona Tile Cementine Black and White Porcelain

Pool & Patio

Before you get your summertime soiree started, there are a few things you can do to prepare the pool. Here are a handful of pre-party cleaning tips:

  • Clean your pool, taking care to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris before the guests arrive.
  • Keep your pool tile- as well as any outdoor tile around the pool area- looking its best by giving it a quality clean before the party. Consider having your pool cleaned professionally to remove dirt, algae, and calcium build-up and keep your tiles shining. We recommend using non-porous tile in the pool like glass or porcelain.
  • Spray off your pool deck and walking areas.
  • Trim any overgrown foliage, deadhead wilted flowers, and apply fresh mulch around plants to liven up your landscaping.


Provide plenty of seating for your pool party guests. Ideally, arrange a mix of seating types- like cushioned chairs, chaise lounges, and patio benches- around the pool and deck area so there’s something for everyone. To help them beat the heat when they’re not in the pool, place some seats under shade trees and use wide umbrellas on each of your patio tables.

Outdoor Space and Pool
Outdoor Space and Pool

Food and Drinks

It can be fun to prepare party food and drinks in keeping with a theme. Go tropical or tiki-style with an outdoor buffet featuring some of the following ideas:

  • Coconuts with fun mini umbrellas make great containers for tropical drinks like pina coladas, daiquiris, and punch. Fruit juices, iced tea, lemonade, and even smoothies are refreshing, non-alcoholic options. Keep the drinks cool with plenty of ice.
  • Provide plenty of appetizers for guests who want a quick snack in between dips in the pool. Fresh tropical fruits, sushi, coconut shrimp, crab rangoons, chips with mango salsa… the options are endless. Just make sure to keep cool dishes covered or on ice to prevent them from spoiling in the sun.
  • For some hot food, get the grill out or take advantage of your outdoor kitchen’s oven. Pineapple pizza, BBQ meats, fajitas, seafood kebobs, or avocado burgers are a few tropical-themed suggestions.
Coastal Style
Coastal Style

Your pool party is sure to be a fun experience with these tips and ideas from Arizona Tile.

If your outdoor space needs some updates before your party, make sure to visit your nearest Arizona Tile showroom, and check our products out online!

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