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Featured Image: Kaplan Blanco Bathroom Countertop Tile & Kaplan Gris Floor Tile From Arizona Tile

New year, new bathroom. If that’s your plan for 2020, you’re probably looking for some ideas and inspiration to help transform your bathroom into something beautiful and on-trend. When it comes to a bathroom renovation or redesign, choosing the right tile can be a big part of the job. We’re here with the top bathroom tile trends to help make your decision an easy one.

Travertine Bathroom Floors

Travertine is a timeless material with a rustic color and plenty of Old-World charm. But that doesn’t mean it’s old news. In 2020, we’re seeing more homeowners branch out and choose travertine for indoor applications like kitchen and bathroom floors. And we can see why—it’s a stunning stone that offers a rich, warm aesthetic that appears much softer compared to marble. With brushed, tumbled and chiseled options in a range of tones from cream to sand, travertine can transform your bathroom into a warm and inviting space.

Not ready to commit to natural stone? Try Kaplan, a glazed porcelain that beautifully mimics the look of travertine without the maintenance requirements of real stone.

Unusual Stone Looks

Another hot trend as we move into 2020 is the use of more unusual natural stone patterns, looks and varieties in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to go a bit bolder and more unexpected with your choice of marble tile or quartzite countertops. Unique linear veining, striking stone colors, black slab and other one-of-a-kind looks are perfect for making your bathroom a standout.

Unique Tile Shapes

Hexagon tiles and other geometric shapes instantly give your bathroom a contemporary, on-trend look—especially when you opt for a high-contrast, black-and-white look. In 2020, channel your creativity with unique arrangements and mosaics using hex tiles like Geometro or Themar on your bathroom walls, showers and more. Or give your favorite marble tile some extra visual interest with popular stone mosaics and mesh mounts (such as CS-Bianco Venatino) that are perfect for the bathroom.

Image: Gioia Turquoise Low-Fire Porcelain Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Colorful Bathroom Tile

The past few years have seen the rise of white and gray color palettes. While this look certainly still has its place in trendy kitchens and bathrooms, don’t shy away from vibrant colors to make your bathroom an eye catcher. Tiles like Gioia let you bring a range of strong, fun hues, including Azure, Papaya and Lime, to brighten up your bath in new ways. Don’t be shy!

Image: Reverie 2 Glazed Porcelain Bathroom Wall Tile From Arizona Tile

Patterned Floors

Flooring that features a high-contrast, intricate or geometric pattern is another bathroom trend we’re excited for in 2020. Patterned floor tiles infuse a bit of modern fun and an artistic look into your bathroom. Check out the variety of sophisticated yet modern styles available with Reverie and Cementine Black and White porcelain.

Check out what your brand new bathroom could look like in the Just Imagine Visualizer from Arizona Tile.

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