Top Quartz Countertop Trends for 2019

Posted on Nov 30, 2018
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Featured Image: Metropolis Brown Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

So you’re in love with quartz countertops—and who isn’t?—but you want to make sure you make the right choice. As time moves forward and trends change, it’s important to take a look at upcoming trends and see what’s popular moving into the new year—especially with an update as big as countertops.

We’ve gathered a handful of the top quartz countertop looks for 2019, so you can make a choice that’s just as trendy as it is timeless. Before you take the plunge on your kitchen or bathroom update, check out our favorite quartz trends for 2019:

Image: Absolute White Honed Quartz from Arizona Tile

#1: Honed Quartz for an Unexpected Look

For a unique matte look that will make your counters stand out, opt for a honed quartz countertop instead of a polished finish. This option gives your counters a soft, smooth look and can ensure an all-white kitchen palette doesn’t look too sterile. We love the simply elegant look of Absolute White Honed.

#2: Make an Impact with Two-Tone Counters

Can’t choose between the subtle, all-white quartz and the more dramatic one? You can still get the best of both worlds. Install white quartz around your perimeter kitchen counters and choose a bolder pattern or darker color for your island countertop. The two-tone look adds interest and contrast to your space.

Image: Metropolis Dark Quartz Bathroom Countertop from Arizona Tile

#3: Go Bold with Dark Grey Quartz

“Quartz countertops” usually brings to mind a pristine, all-white surface, but that’s not the only option. Dark grey quartz varieties like Metropolis Dark add unique drama to your kitchen, pairing beautifully with the all-white cabinet look that remains popular going into 2019.

Image: Troya Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

#4: Earth Tones That Add Richness

Some homeowners are moving away from white-and-gray color palettes and embracing earth tones, which offer warmth and a rustic quality. The warmer, natural hues seen in varieties such as Troya and Metropolis Brown are a great way to add personality to your kitchen or bathroom while keeping it elegant.

With these ideas, you can transform your outdated kitchen or bath with stunning quartz countertops that are ahead of the trends.

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