Top Quartz Countertop Trends for 2020

Posted on Jan 31, 2020
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Featured Image: Absolute White Honed Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

It’s no secret that we love a good quartz countertop. Versatile, practical, contemporary and elegant, quartz is basically the full package. For these great reasons and more, it’s one of the most popular trends in kitchen countertops as we move into 2020.

When you’re planning an upgrade as big and impactful as your kitchen countertops, it’s a good idea to choose something that will remain in style for the years to come. If you’re considering this sleek and chic material for an upcoming countertop project, read on for our list of top quartz countertop trends for 2020.

Image: Bertoli Quartz Close-Up from Arizona Tile

Quartz Countertops that Look Like Marble

This look is no doubt the trendiest, but it’s also the most timeless. Quartz countertops that mimic the look of marble are a stylish and smart alternative to the real thing. Quartz that looks like marble is available in a huge range of varieties and styles, with many different veining patterns to achieve looks that are subtle or more dramatic. From the soft detailing of Arco to the bold, branching veins of Bertoli, our collection features plenty of new and trendy countertop looks.

Image: Pro Cloud Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

Grey Quartz

Looking for something a bit different from popular white countertops? Grey quartz counters—especially warmer grey tones—are a rising trend, with options that resemble granite, concrete and more. Choose from flecked patterns, solid grey slabs or pale grey veined looks to give your kitchen a modern aesthetic. With varieties like Hail Grey, Pro Cloud and Elegance Ash, you can have grey countertops that are practical, versatile and on-trend.

Image: Hail Grey Quartz Close-Up from Arizona Tile

Honed Quartz

For a softer, contemporary look with a little less shine, some homeowners prefer a honed quartz for their kitchens. Honed slabs are made with a matte finish instead of the glossy and polished surface of traditional countertops. This can bring a more natural and relaxed aesthetic to the space, and reduces the reflectiveness that bright kitchen lights can create. A popular choice for the softer, warmer design aesthetic we’re seeing in 2020, honed quartz like Hail Grey Honed and Absolute White Honed is chic and trendy.

Image: White Honed Quartz Countertop from Arizona Tile

Warm Neutrals

2020 kitchen design trends are moving away from stark, cool palettes toward warmer aesthetics. With this trend, warm, soft and earthy quartz colors are rising in popularity, including cream, greige and tan. These countertop colors are perfect for giving your space a warm and welcoming update. If you like warm neutral tones, consider Opaline SatinIvory White Honed or Elegance Nev.

Need more inspiration? Check out our photo gallery of stunning quartz installations for a better sense of each variety’s color and finish. Then narrow down your favorites by visiting your nearest Arizona Tile showroom!

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