Unique Natural Stone Water Features

Posted on Jun 21, 2014
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Are you dreaming of creating a beautiful pond or water feature in your yard? Perhaps you want to surround your pool in gorgeous natural stone? Either way, hardscapes are very hot in the design world and extend your usable space – creating outdoor “rooms”. When you live in a warm climate, that extra space gets a lot of use. It is time to begin improving your yard and gaining the perfect space to entertain guests, give your family hours of enjoyment and build some equity in the process!

The Trinity Water Garden adds a waterfall, fish and plants to this yard

Whether you want to frame out a pool, build a pond or water feature, or simply add a walkway – the tile you use is of the utmost importance. Sure, there are pavers available at any home improvement store, but if you really want to add equity to your home, natural stone gives you enormous bang for your buck.

Golden Gate Quartzite Natural Stone Pool Surround

Begin dreaming about that perfect outdoor feature and sketch out what you envision. Bring it into Arizona Tile and discuss it with one of our design specialists. They can discuss the ideal stone products to use that are within your budget and will last for many years to come.

Since natural stone often contains mineral deposits that rust when exposed to water, they often are not ideal for areas like pools, outdoor showers, or any area that regularly sees rain. Use a tile like our Golden Gate Quartzite that has evolved from a sandstone and lacks iron minerals that oxidize. This particular stone would also be perfect for a fire pit or outdoor pizza oven because it is heat resistant.

Build that perfect outdoor water feature or room you have been dreaming of and make your dream a reality with the help of our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool!

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