Virtual Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tool – Just Imagine

Posted on Aug 3, 2013
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Just Imagine – Visualize tile designs in your rooms.

Well fear not! Now all of us can easily “imagine” what our floor, walls or backsplash will look like when updated with new tile or even granite countertops. And it is so simple anyone can do it!

Bathroom Virtual Design Tool – Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The Arizona Tile website features the Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool where you can use one of the many photos in our gallery or upload a photo of your own space to try out different tile designs, countertops, backsplashes and surfaces before you commit.

This virtual design tool couldn’t be simpler to use.

Visualize Your Room in Just Three Easy Steps!

1. Choose a room from the gallery or upload your own picture.

2. Click on a surface in the picture that you want to change.

3. Choose the product you want to try by type and color.

With a few clicks, you will know what tile design looks like and can customize your look right down to the grout color. If you and your spouse can’t agree, this may be the tool that helps you make a decision.

And this doesn’t only work for residential homes – you can use this tool to change the surfaces in commercial spaces as well.

Interior, flooring, exterior and cladding can have the Just Imagine™ treatment too. See what your business space will look like with a variety of updates with a few clicks of your mouse.

Why don’t you give the Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool a try and let us know what you think?

Better yet – pin your finished rooms to Pinterest and put “@ArizoneTile – Just Imagine” in the comment section so we can enjoy your creative handiwork too!

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