What Color is Quartz?

Posted on Feb 21, 2020
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Featured Image: Slate Grey-N Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

Quartz is a modern countertop material that’s been rising in popularity for the last few years. Its durable composition and wide range of colors, patterns and styles makes it a desirable option for many homeowners looking for a smart yet stylish surface for the kitchen, bathroom or other space. If you’re looking for the perfect quartz variety for your home, let’s take a look at all the color options as well as some suggested uses for quartz.

Image: Absolute White Polished Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

How is Quartz Made?

Before we dive into the different colors of quartz, let’s address how quartz slabs are made. Quartz slabs are considered “engineered stone,” which means they’re man-made using a combination of natural quartz crystals from the earth and added dyes and pigments. They are not mined from the ground in blocks like marble or granite, for example. Instead, they are engineered by a process that involves extreme pressure and heat to produce a durable, non-porous slab.

Image: Frost-R Quartz Bathroom Countertop from Arizona Tile

Popular Quartz Slab Colors

In general, quartz comes in a wide variety of colors from very light to dark, but most people tend to trend to a handful of popular colors including:

Image: Calacatta Sueste Quartz Slab from Arizona Tile
  • White. White is the most popular quartz color, with options ranging from pure Absolute White to marble-look veined varieties like Blanco Genova and Calacatta Sueste. Clean, crisp, sleek and modern, white quartz is an excellent choice to pair with virtually any color palette.
Image: Concrete Grey Honed Quartz Slab from Arizona Tile
  • Grey. From the paler Concrete Grey Honed to deep tones like Slate Grey-N, you’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to grey quartz, as well as a multitude of white quartz with grey details, such as Seashell-N’s granite-like style.
Image: Apollo Cream Quartz Slab from Arizona Tile
  • Beige. For a warmer look, ivory, beige and tan hues are another popular quartz color. From the understated cream-colored Apollo to the rich earthiness of Crest, these quartz options pair beautifully with other neutrals, earth tones and many wood finishes.

Where Can Quartz Be Used?

Quartz is a beautiful and practical choice for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, but it can also be used in other ways throughout the home. Other uses for quartz slab include:

  • Backsplashes
  • Bathroom showers– except for steam showers because of the high amount of consistent moisture.
  • Flooring

No matter where you choose to use this durable, modern material, quartz is sure to make a visual impact in any area of your home.

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