What Is Bookmatching?

Posted on May 28, 2021
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Bookmatched Leblon Satin Quartzite Slabs from Arizona Tile Featured Image: Bookmatched Leblon Satin Quartzite Slabs from Arizona Tile

Seamlessly laid, cohesive slabs elevates any space. To achieve that flawless look, some materials may be bookmatched while laid. This process provides a room with a beautiful, symmetrical look that invites you in. Bookmatched marble often comes to mind when envisioning the final display. It can be hard to understand exactly what it means to bookmatch your surfaces, however. This guide is an introduction to all things bookmatching.

The Basics of Bookmatching

Bookmatching is the process of laying two mirror-image pieces of a material next to each other, giving it the look of an opened book. Naturally patterned slabs are placed onto half of a surface and then reflected on the other side. This makes the material appear to be opening up and blossoming right in your home. This pattern is perfect to add depth and drama to any space, particularly kitchen countertops and islands. Bookmatched slabs can also be laid as a backsplash, feature wall, or mantle.

What Materials are Bookmatched

Bookmatching is primarily done when materials have a distinct vein pattern. The striking appearance of these surfaces lend perfectly to the practice. As a geometric pattern, bookmatched slabs benefit from materials that have pre-existing patterns within them. Stones with strong veining and color range are ideal. Each stone slab, in addition to their pattern, must have high levels of clarity and definition to be used. Materials without veins don’t benefit from being laid in a bookmatch style. 

Laying the Pattern

In bookmatched slabs, this effect is achieved by alternating which side of the slab is used. The slab pieces are taken sequentially, rotating which side is polished and visible. By reversing the pattern of its partner slab, bookmatching creates a gorgeous symmetrical pattern on your surface. The intricate and meticulous placing of either tile or slabs ensures that your space has the inviting flow that bookmatching provides.  

Choosing Your Material

Any material with a notable veined appearance can be used for bookmatching. These motifs often occur in stones like marble, quartz, or granite. Stone slabs can be cultivated and laid directly onto your surfaces to achieve your dream renovation.

Calcatta Gold Marble Bookmatched Kitchen Backsplash Divider Wall Slabs from Arizona Tile
Image: Calcatta Gold Marble Bookmatched Kitchen Backsplash Divider Wall Slabs from Arizona Tile


The marble bookmatch texture is often the first image that comes to mind when speaking of veined stone materials. As a sturdy stone with a prominent pattern, marble is a solid choice for your renovations. One of our favorites is the Calacatta Gold Vein Marble. Bookmatched Calacatta marble is one of the most luxurious stone surfaces you can introduce to a home. The drama of gold vein adds a feeling of opulence straight into your space. Fantasy Zebra marble is also popular. The alluring vein stripes adds a burst of excitement and a bold vibe.

Bookmatched Paramount Quartzite Slabs in Arizona Tile’s WarehouseImage: Bookmatched Paramount Quartzite Slabs in Arizona Tile’s Warehouse


Bookmatched quartzite countertops can make a kitchen shine, and add flair to any surface. This hard surface material is extremely durable and will look beautiful in your space for years to come. Quartzite slabs are a stunning and durable option for countertops. We recommend LeblonParamount, or Blue Tahoe. All three of these quartzites offer attractive, organic flowing patterns best suited for bookmatching.

Blizzard Granite Slabs Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile
Image: Monte Cristo Granite Slabs Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile 


Granite is another natural stone product that is composed of various minerals, including quartz and crystal, all smoothed into one stunning surface. Granite’s natural look lends itself immediately to being bookmatched and offers the stability countertops need. The Monte Cristo Satin granite is a top choice. The vibrant black and white pattern makes a bold statement in your space that draws the eye in. We also love our Azul Fantasy granite. This slab offers a feeling of movement and serenity, especially when its pattern is mirrored. Bookmatched granite can uplift your space into one with energy and excitement. 

Get Started in Your Space

Bookmatched slabs offer your renovated spaces an open and glamorous vibe. Our design tools will help you explore how different bookmatched tiles and stones will look in your room to help you decide which one you love. Once you’ve made a selection, use our online slab yard to locate your materials. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your renovations are a success.

To get started introducing bookmatched surfaces in your home, contact us or stop into one of our locations today. At Arizona Tile, we can help you transform your space into the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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