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3D White Ribbon Matte Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: 3D White Ribbon Matte Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

When you think of something that’s made of ceramic, chances are you’re imagining fine china that’s fragile and delicate. However, when it comes to ceramic tile, that reputation for fragility is not really accurate, and it shouldn’t deter you from considering this unique tile for your project. Let’s take a deeper look at what ceramic tile really is and how you can use it in your home.

How is Ceramic Tile Made?

Ceramic tile is made of clay which is formed into a tile-shaped mold, glazed and then fired under intense heat in a kiln. The baking process removes most of the moisture from the tile and hardens it, resulting in a tile that’s suitable for a variety of uses in both residential and commercial settings.

How is Ceramic Tile Different from Porcelain?

Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are made in a similar fashion—both from clay that is fired in a kiln. However, there are a couple important differences between the two. Porcelain is hardened at a higher temperature and is made of a finer clay mixture, making it denser, more durable and more water-resistant than ceramic.

Many porcelain products have either a color-body or through-body composition while ceramic is always glazed. This means that If a color body or through body porcelain tile is chipped, the color inside is the same as the surface. This means that if a porcelain tile is chipped, the color inside is the same as the surface.

Image: Paloma Steel Long Hex 4 x 8 Geometric Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Where Can Ceramic Tile be Used?

Recommended uses can vary from product to product, but in general ceramic tile is a good choice for interior walls, fireplaces and shower walls. A three-dimensional ceramic tile design can add unique texture and interest to a room, and geometric tile shapes are a great way to showcase what ceramic has to offer. Whether you’re looking for the perfect tile for a bathroom, kitchen, living area or hallway, ceramic tile is a chic and classic choice.

Because it is somewhat porous, ceramic tile is not a great option for outdoor applications—it can absorb water and then crack when frozen.

Image: Marrakesh Color Glossy Mix Ceramic Kitchen Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile

Inspiration for Your Ceramic Tile Project

Planning your next tile project at home? If you have a little extra time on your hands, we have several virtual tools to help you find the perfect ceramic tile. The Just Imagine visualizer lets you see our ceramic products in a range of room scenes to help you narrow down your favorite styles and colors. Our Photo Gallery offers a variety of ideas to inspire your project and show you the potential of ceramic tile.

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