What’s New in Bathroom Tile Design?

Posted on Apr 30, 2013
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Over Grey Porcelain Tile

Whether you are planning a complete bathroom remodel or just want to freshen up your space, there is nothing hotter in interior design in 2013 than eco-friendly or “green” products. The tile industry has answered the call with many options that are as easy on the Earth as they are beautiful!

Technology is so great, we now have tiles made from recycled material that look like wood and natural stone. Imagine having the look of any of these without the environmental impact or difficult maintenance.

When designing a bathroom space, it seems that more people are trying to recreate a spa-like sanctuary at home. What a lovely idea to create an oasis that you can enjoy every day that will help you relax and rejuvenate. Arizona Tile has many tiles that are eco-friendly, easy to maintain and also can help you create that spa-like look that you are after or any other look that you are hoping to create.

Love the Look of Wood –  Hate Splinters?

For the look of wood, don’t miss our Misingi Series porcelain tile for a more traditional look or our Over Series porcelain tile for a more modern style. Both are available in a variety of hues and plank sizes to suit any taste or style.

Eternal Limestones Anthracite & Beige

For the look of natural stone, don’t miss our products that look like travertine. Our Ethos Series porcelain tile  is made in the USA and is available in three different earth tones. For others options in colors and a limestone-look, take a look at the Eternal Limestones Series. It is also made in the USA and has 21% pre-consumer recycled content. Both of these products emulate the look and feel of natural stone, with all of the ease of maintenance of porcelain.

Just like natural stone, there is variation from tile to tile in both color and the movement of the veining. We recommend you thoroughly look at the range of color before finalizing your purchase.

If you are looking for quartz, don’t miss our Samsung Radianz Quartz. This product is a lovely combination of nature and technology. This man-made product takes 93% quartz crystals and technologically advanced polymers blended together into an ultra-durable, scratch resistant, earth friendly quartz that comes in 28 different colors, with new colors coming in a few months!

Unlike natural quartz, this product features consistent color throughout.  In 2013, if eco-friendly tile is on your renovation wish list, you have many options to fit your style and budget!  Come in and talk with our expert sales staff from any of our Arizona Tile locations to help you find your eco-friendly tile.

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