Cement-Look, Marble-Look, Brick-Look Tiles and More!

Posted on May 30, 2019
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Legno Beige Wood-Look
Featured Image: Legno Beige Wood-Look Porcelain Floor Tile From Arizona Tile

While shopping for new tile for your home project, you’ve probably come across wood-look, brick-look, cement-look or another “lookalike” tile. You might be wondering whether these tiles are a good option for you. We’ve got the scoop on lookalike tile, its benefits and recommended uses, so read on if you’re considering one of these materials for your home!

What is Lookalike Tile?

Tile that looks like marble, brick, cement or wood—but isn’t—is made of porcelain or ceramic, very versatile and durable materials that can be made to mimic other materials. Various colors, patterns and textures can be created with porcelain in order to resemble classic favorites like natural stone, hardwood, concrete or brick.

Calcutta Polished
Image: Calcutta Polished Porcelain Bathroom Shower Tile From Arizona Tile

Lookalike Tile Options

A few popular lookalike tile options include:

  • Marble: There’s no denying the popularity and beauty of real marble, from stunning marble bathrooms to eye-popping entryways. Marble is classic and gorgeous… but it’s a natural stone, which does require some extra care and upkeep. If you aren’t ready to commit to natural stone, marble-look tile is the perfect compromise—homeowners can still get the timeless beauty and style of their favorite marble in the form of low-maintenance, easy-to-clean porcelain. You’ll find a range of marble-look colors and different veining patterns to suit your style.
 Castle Brick White
Image: Castle Brick White Wall Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Brick: Brick-look tile has the texture and appearance of real brick, but it’s much easier to install and care for than true brick. Brick-look porcelain tile is a great option for fireplace surrounds, backsplashes and accent walls.
  • Wood: Faux wood tile is hugely popular since it’s easy to clean while offering the warm, rustic style and texture of actual wood. Wood-look tile is commonly used throughout the home, from expansive floors in the living room to trendy white-washed looks perfect for a bathroom.
Cemento Cassero Antracite
Image: Cemento Cassero Antracite Cement-Look Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Cement: Concrete-look or cement-look tile is timeless and stylish, giving you the sought-after, industrial-inspired style of cement without the hassle of pouring and curing actual cement. Porcelain tile that looks like concrete is often used for bathroom floors and walls and outdoor living areas.
Kaplan Marfil Glazed
Image: Kaplan Marfil Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile From Arizona Tile

There’s more, too! Continued advances in digital print technology, which is used to create these mimicking designs, mean that new colors and patterns are just around the corner. Emerging lookalike styles include travertine-look and limestone-look tile.

Lookalike Tile vs. the Real Thing

So, why choose these lookalike tiles when you can get the “real thing?” It’s simple—many homeowners are looking for tile that’s durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean. Porcelain and ceramic tile checks each of those boxes, while offering an aesthetic that’s very similar to cement, marble, brick or your other favorite look. No matter what space you’re renovating and no matter your sense of style, chances are there’s a lookalike tile that’s the perfect solution for your home.

Stop into an Arizona Tile Location today and see what these lookalike tile look like up close.

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