Create a Productive and Functional Workspace with a Tiled Office

Posted on Nov 4, 2022
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Vetri Naturale 24 x 24 Porcelain Office Wall Tile from Arizona TileImage: Vetri Naturale 24 x 24 Porcelain Office Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

With new flooring options and furniture trends coming out all the time, it can sometimes be challenging to select the right aesthetic for your office space. While office design and remodeling projects can be stressful, they can also be a fun process with exciting creative possibilities.

Whether you’re designing a new space or renovating an existing one, you’ll want to use materials that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Creating a working environment where employees can not only enjoy the space around them but also focus and get the job done is great for productivity and morale.  And there are several types of office tiles that meet the criteria.

Tile is a perfect way to infuse energy and style into any work area with a pattern or pop of color.  From office flooring and furniture to walls and backsplashes, there are plenty of ways to elegantly incorporate tile into your office design.

Check out the tile ideas below for inspiration and you’ll be on your way to creating an office space that will exceed your expectations.

Custom Tile Furniture

Marble and granite tile and slabs are classic options for creating custom furniture pieces. Custom design a desk for your office area that works with the other decor elements and enhances productivity. With the right height calculations and an appropriately sized stool or chair, you can even design a desk that can work for both sitting and standing.

Blue Galaxy Granite Office Desk and Backsplash from Arizona TileImage: Blue Galaxy Granite Office Desk and Backsplash from Arizona Tile

Tile & Natural Stone Office Walls

Tile walls add eye-catching charm to any office space, making it a great design option whether creating a simple accent wall, backsplash, or a full floor-to-ceiling wall. Vetri is a modern-looking option that will stand the test of time.  The edges of each glass-look porcelain tile are tinted a darker shade to give the illusion of a pillowing, hand-made edge.

Stone slab walls and backsplashes not only provide visual appeal, but are practical since they’re easy to clean, and can provide a convenient space to place sticky notes with important reminders.  The rich, natural pattern of Blue Galaxy granite creates a professional-looking office space which is especially important for both in-person meetings and video conference calls.

Office Floor Tile

If you’re designing an area that sees a lot of foot traffic, then you’ll want to look at the variety of office flooring tile options available. For high-traffic areas such as lobbies and conference rooms, it’s critical to choose a material that seamlessly blends in with the overall design aesthetic of the space while having the high durability required to endure constant wear and tear.

Wood-look tile is a fantastic choice. Legno will make your office space look contemporary and chic and is better suited to high-traffic areas than traditional wood flooring. Also, because it’s a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required.  Piera Italia is also a great option for commercial use. Available in a range of neutral colors as well as five sizes, including large format and 2 x 2 mosaic, the design possibilities are endless.

Reside Ash  24 x 48 Concrete-Look Porcelain Lobby Floor Tile from Arizona TileImage: Reside Ash  24 x 48 Concrete-Look Porcelain Lobby Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Business Entry Area Tile

Incorporating tile into the office entryway will make an excellent first impression for anyone as they walk in. Create a clean, simplistic canvas inspired by the rich textures of commercial textiles with Reside. Design an expansive space using the large format sizes or create interest and texture with the smaller straight stack and mosaic options. This series offers four beautiful neutral options, Ash, Beige, Black, and Brown. Use one or mix and match – the results will be sophisticated and refined.

Shibusa Grigio 24 x 48 Large-Format Porcelain Office Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Shibusa Grigio 24 x 48 Large-Format Porcelain Office Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Tile Flooring for Meeting Spaces

The high flow of traffic in meeting spaces like boardrooms and conference rooms plays an important role in selecting your floor tile. Smaller-sized tile adds detail and accents to these types of spaces, as well as character, while large-sized tile will create a dramatic effect suitable for larger, open spaces. To add an elegant finishing touch and really bring the whole design together, we recommend Shibusa bamboo-look tile. It’s offered in a variety of sizes and colors to suit many aesthetics. With both larger tile options as well as some unique tile design options – including a hex, basketweave mosaic, straight stack, and rhomboid design.

Concerto White Glossy Porcelain Office Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Concerto White Glossy Porcelain Office Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

The Versatility of Tile

Tile is available in many colors, textures, and patterns, offering a versatile array of design options for office spaces of all styles and sizes. You’ll find tile options that enable you to easily incorporate your vision, aesthetic, or corporate identity into any space. One such tile is the highly versatile Concerto glazed porcelain which can be seamlessly incorporated throughout your business or home.

You can truly set the stage for how visitors view the office – from the moment they walk in the entryway, to their time spent in a more intimate office space or larger meeting area, to the time they leave. With so many different tile options to choose from, you’ll easily be able to create something that impresses all who see it.

For more information about any of our tile and stone products reach out to us to speak with one of our design consultants or visit a store near you. We encourage you to use our Just Imagine tile visualizer tool to play around with various tile and slab options so you can get a better sense of how it will look before committing to any specific product. Also, feel free to use our online slab yard to see what natural stone is currently in stock at the location near you.

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