How to Choose the Right Wood-Look Tile Color

Posted on May 8, 2020
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Featured Image: Davenport Earth Wood-Look Glazed Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Wood-look porcelain tile is one of the most popular tile choices in contemporary homes. With the visual warmth and classic style of hardwood paired with the durability and low maintenance needs of porcelain, faux wood tile is an excellent option for many types of rooms. Whether you’re looking for the perfect tile for the bathroom, kitchen, living room or flooring for your small business, let’s talk about how to choose the right wood-look tile color for you.

Image: Lucia Miele Wood-Look Glazed Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Light Colors

Light wood-look hues are a trending choice for modern tile. They can make a space look contemporary, bright and chic. From pale white-washed styles to warm, light browns, porcelain tile with lighter tones is a beautiful choice for a variety of rooms. Light floors can look great with both light and dark wall colors, too.

If you’re looking for porcelain tile flooring for a room that’s on the smaller side, keep it in mind when you’re choosing a color. As a rule of thumb, lighter colors can help smaller spaces look a little bigger because they brighten the room and reflect more light. White-washed or lighter finishes of wood-look porcelain are a good option for small bathrooms, hallways and other tight spaces, as well as rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light.

Image: Essence Wood-Look Porcelain Living Room Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Medium Hues

Mid-range colors of wood-look tile encompass what we think of as “natural” wood tones, like oak or maple. These hues are warm and inviting and complement a variety of décor styles and wall colors. And as a general rule, medium colors tend to hide dirt, dust and pet hair the best because they aren’t high-contrast.

If you’re aiming for a rustic aesthetic, porcelain tile with a soft, aged appearance and a warm, medium tone is the way to go. Colors that bring to mind classic, real hardwood can help you achieve that farmhouse look without using actual wood. For a rustic ambiance, look for faux wood tile that has a visible wood grain pattern for full effect.

Image: Savannah Coffee Wood-Look Porcelain Restaurant Dining Room Tile Flooring from Arizona Tile

Darker Tones

Darker colored tile can be a very elegant and sophisticated choice for your wood-look floors. Particularly if you have a large room or a space that gets plenty of light, deeper hues are attractive and rich, with a timeless quality that ensures you’ll love the look for years to come. Dark wood-look floors are great for adding warmth, depth and contrast to a space that’s mostly white or lighter colored.

If you’re thinking about adding dark floors to a room that already has a dark wall color or darker toned furniture and décor, make sure the space gets enough light to avoid looking too heavy.

Visualize Your Options

To help narrow down the options and find the perfect wood-look tile for your home or business, our Just Imagine visualizer is a great place to start. With this virtual tool, you can see what different products look like in a simulated room scene—from the comfort of your home.

Before you make your final commitment, we recommend getting samples of your favorite wood-look tiles to see them in person in your home. Sometimes, colors and finishes can look a bit different under the lights in your space, so this can help you get a clearer picture of what will look best.

Hear what Yelper John V. had to say about our selection of stone at our Tempe location:

“We were at Arizona Tile, Tempe, to find granite to match existing tile in our kitchen, so far, an extremely difficult task. With our hard hats and clipboard, we walked up and down the huge selection of slabs and picked out a few…. We found the perfect granite to match the tile, and within a few short minutes they had the slabs on the racks so we could see them. Awesome experience!”

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