Creating a Comfortable Commercial Space with Konkrete

Posted on Jul 23, 2021
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Konkrete Bianco Large- Format Outdoor Poolside Patio Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Konkrete Bianco Large- Format Outdoor Poolside Patio Tile from Arizona Tile

Renovating commercial areas can be a tall order. There are so many flooring options out there, but few offer the combination of utility and style needed; fewer still offer large enough tile to fill your full space. Luckily, the new Konkrete floor tile from Arizona Tile brings both function and fashion.

This hardy tile can tackle the daily use commercial spaces demand, while offering the timeless style of a concrete pattern. In the special order sizes, the tile is perfectly tailored to a commercial remodel. The large tile will fill any square footage, and the size option variety enables you to choose what laying pattern your design needs. Its usability in both interior and exterior spaces means that commercial spaces, from any industry on the market, can benefit greatly from this tile. From lobbies and employee lounges to outside restaurant seating, there’s no space Konkrete tile can’t support.

Konkrete Cenere 24 x 48 Indoor Large-Format Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Konkrete Cenere 24 x 48 Indoor Large-Format Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Stylish Indoor Space

Our Konkrete floor tiles enhance any interior space. Hotel and apartment lobbies, employee and customer lounges, and indoor restaurants all benefit from a solid tile flooring. Made from a strong porcelain material, this tile possesses a practical, reliable, and lightweight structure. However, the classic concrete printed pattern gives an organic and versatile look. This balance between functionality and appearance makes it an ideal tile to use in remodeling.

Textured tile has many trendy uses indoors that can uplift lobby spaces or lounges. Laying it in different wall patterns can add interest and a sense of motion. The classic offset motif is supported by the commercial tile sizes and serves perfectly to add excitement. Bringing this energy to a workspace can help to encourage productivity.

Other laying patterns, which can be uniquely designed to match the vibe of your space, also serve to enhance your floors. Bringing tile up onto the wall itself, as an accent wall or surrounding a feature such as a fireplace, also adds depth and style to your space. Finally, mixing your Konkrete tile with other textured pieces is a simple way to add a bold splash to your flooring.

As a neutral shaded tile, Konkrete can be worked into any color palette or design plan. The many shades from the range of gray tones mesh well with other grays or metallics, making them a great partner for most commercial lobby furnishings and office equipment. They thrive in cool color palettes and can be incorporated into any such lobby. In the beige and white tones, Konkrete complements warmer color schemes. Either shade range can be brought beautifully into earth-toned spaces; this variety makes the tile perfect for large indoor commercial use. It can revamp your current common spaces, or be a multifaceted foundation for a brand new design.

Konkrete Beige Large-Format 24 x 48 Outdoor Patio Tile with R11 Anti-Slip Finish from Arizona Tile
Image: Konkrete Beige Large-Format 24 x 48 Outdoor Patio Tile with R11 Anti-Slip Finish from Arizona Tile

Excellent Outdoor Patios

Konkrete is also perfect for exterior use, especially when paving a patio for outdoor restaurant seating. Its tough surface ensures that your space will stay safe and trendy for years to come. The porcelain material demands little maintenance and stands up to daily wear and tear. Scratching, chipping, and other damage will be a thing of the past. The easy-to-clean surface will also provide easy upkeep. In a dining space, having a surface that’s easy to maintain and sanitize is essential. Staff and guests alike will feel more comfortable in your robust and stylish space.

Other outdoor spaces, such as employee lounges or apartments and hotel hang-outs, also benefit from Konkrete. The tile’s neutral tone wonderfully matches an outside aesthetic. As the foundation for social picnic benches, outdoor deck spaces, relaxing fire pits, or other recreations and events, Konkrete enables you to create one cohesive and welcoming patio. Having a fun space to relax in is vital for the enjoyment of your guests.

Another use for this tile is as a bridge between interior and exterior spaces. Inviting transition spaces create more useable space, without the need for expensive expansion projects. Taking advantage of your full commercial space without waste maximizes productivity and utility. Common seating can be placed into these transition areas, leaving the patio space empty to bring in other furnishings. Additionally, having these welcoming transitions between the workspace and recreation area makes all guests and staff feel comfortable and excited to move around.

Konkrete Grigio Large-Format Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile
Image:  Konkrete Grigio Large-Format Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Start Renovating Today

At Arizona Tile, our experienced team is here to make your remodeling project a success. For answering any questions, offering expert advice, and providing high-quality tiling, there’s no team better suited to the job. We even offer unique design tools that enable you to visualize your updated space before making a commitment to any tile. A locator service, helping you find a local slab yard carrying your selections, is also available. Once you’ve decided our Konkrete floor tile is for you, contact us or stop in one of our many locations to set up your consultation. Your commercial space will be on its way to perfection.

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