Design Tips and Ideas for Your She Shed

Posted on Jul 26, 2018
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Design The Perfect She Shed With Tips From Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Design The Perfect She Shed With Tips From Arizona Tile

Man caves have had their time in the spotlight—this year, “she sheds” are gaining traction as a female-centric space for solitude and relaxation. If your counterpart already has his own dedicated space in the house, it’s time you had yours, too! Whether you’re renovating an actual shed or you’re looking to redesign an office, basement or other space, here are some of our best design ideas for the she shed sanctuary of your dreams.

#1: Determine the Purpose of Your She Shed

The first step in designing your she shed is to decide what its primary purpose will be. It’s your space, so it’s completely up to you. Are you looking to create a simple, quiet area for reading or working? An inspiring space for arts and crafts? A fun place to enjoy a cocktail with friends? A secluded spot to exercise? Whatever you like to do in your free time, your she shed should be the perfect place for it.

Aspen Ash Wood-Look Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Aspen Ash Wood-Look Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

#2: Choose the Perfect Floors

Choosing the ideal flooring is a top priority in designing your she shed. The best material for your floors will depend on what you’ll be using your shed for; however, porcelain tile flooring is a versatile option that’s ideal for most spaces. Porcelain is super durable, easy to clean and available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, finishes and textures.

Love the look of wood floors but prefer easier maintenance? Wood-look porcelain is all the rage. Do you like the urban style of concrete flooring? There’s a porcelain for that, too. Do you adore floors with personality? Patterned porcelain is full of charm.

Cementine Retro 3 Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Cementine Retro 3 Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

#3: Don’t Forget About Storage

Your she shed may not have a lot of available space, but there are plenty of ways to maximize a smaller room for your storage needs. Whether you need to store gardening tools, craft supplies, bar accessories or books, keep these storage tips in mind for your she shed:

  • Think vertical. In a small space, you’ll want to make use of the wall space as much as you can for storage. Open shelves are especially great for preserving as much floor area as possible while maximizing storage space.
  • Utilize dual-purpose furniture. When shopping for your she shed furniture, look for built-in storage options—like storage ottomans or side tables with built-in drawers—wherever possible.
  • Get creative. If your space is really tiny, get creative with storage. Hanging baskets on the walls or ceiling can be used to store small items, while rolling bins can be stored beneath chairs.

#4: Let Your Personality Shine

Once you’ve handled the essentials of your she shed design (like flooring and storage), it’s all about infusing the space with your unique style and personality. Whether your taste is rustic, ultra-modern, bohemian or minimalist, there are endless ways to make it clear that this space is yours. Here are just a handful of areas to let your personality shine through:

  • Lighting: From elegant chandeliers to romantic twinkle lights to functional task lamps, the style of your shed’s lighting will give it instant personality.
  • Fabrics: Flowy lace curtains. A brightly patterned rug. White Linen upholstery with linen tile to match. Faux fur cushions. No matter your style, the fabrics you choose for your she shed will spell it out loud and clear.
  • Plants: Whether you like the simplicity of a few succulents, the classic beauty of fresh-cut flowers or the abundant greenery of hanging baskets and potted plants, breathe life into your she shed with a touch of the outdoors.

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