Enhance Your Muted Motif With Gray Hexagon Tile

Posted on Dec 31, 2021
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CS-Bianco Venatino Hex 2x2 Gray Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: CS-Bianco Venatino Hex 2×2 Gray Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Homeowners looking to remodel often look for ways to bring a fresh, contemporary look into their spaces. Adding tile to a room is a great way to add a splash of subtle sophistication, without detracting from the rest of your home design. Grey hex tile is a wonderful choice for any room in your remodel. This six-sided, neutral-toned tile cut has class and charm. Bringing it into a room can elevate the space, and the delicate design will pair with any muted space motif. While any room in the home can benefit from grey hex tile and hex tile in general, kitchens and bathrooms gain the most.



As a backsplash, grey hex tile brings a statement. This pattern incorporates style into the space without overwhelming the overall room design. In a kitchen, an exciting backsplash brings motivating energy to the room making it an inviting, modern, and vibrant place to entertain.

Paloma Camel Long Hex 4x8 Ceramic Kitchen Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile
Image: Paloma Camel Long Hex 4×8 Ceramic Kitchen Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile

The Paloma Long Hex tile in Camel infuses a splash of neutral color to your design and elevates the space. Consider pairing this tile with a countertop with Taj Mahal quartzite. The creamy white color of the slab complements the backsplash beautifully, and the swirling subtle deposits of silver mineral throughout nods to the gray hex to tie the room together. The motion within the marble would play with the geometric cut of the tile to bring a spirited feel to the space. The neutral colors would also keep your room palette understated. Any appliances or décor blend wonderfully with this tile/slab pair.


Gray hexagon tile also makes a splash as a flooring option. The Icon hex, in Black or Smoke, is a large format tile whose geometric shape and versatile shades can uplift any room design. The smooth, flowing motif within the tile adds a delicate touch of energy into the room which balances out the bold shape. Gray tones on the floor also creates a strong foundation that pairs with any color scheme.

Lagos Light Gray Hex Porcelain Tile Kitchen Backsplash from Arizona Tile
Image: Lagos Light Gray Hex Porcelain Tile Kitchen Backsplash from Arizona Tile

For an organic room feel, the Lagos hex tile in Concrete or Light Gray brings a pattern similar to stone that adds an earthy, rustic vibe to any design. Kitchens inspired by vintage, farmhouse, or classic design will thrive with this flooring. The small scale of the tile means that the pattern spreads throughout the space. Matched with white or cream countertops, and earth-toned cabinets, this floor tile will infuse essential style into your space.


Paloma Pumice Long Hex 4x8 Public Bathroom Ceramic Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile
Image: Paloma Pumice Long Hex 4×8 Public Bathroom Ceramic Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile


Paros hex tile is a smooth, stunning tile ideal for a bathroom backsplash. The confident colors incorporate a gentle style into the room, while the hex cut of the tile offers energy and modernity. The single-toned tile pairs wonderfully with natural quartzite countertops like the Blue Tahoe Satin. The slab’s veining vibes with the excitement of the hex shape, and the tones of the counter match with the gray of the backsplash.

For a more active backsplash, the Hex Grigio is a showstopper. This multi-toned tile brings both geometric motion and colorful energy into your bathroom. The cool, neutral tones match any color motif. The subtlety of the pumice shades juxtaposes the bold tile shape to balance out the backsplash and elevate the space.

Our Themar Porcelain, in shade Grigio Savoia, is also a statement piece to combine with hex. Inside each tile is a flowing, vein pattern of lighter and darker tones, reminiscent of those inside marble. Combined with the tile’s edgy cut hex, these color deposits bring a sense of excitement.

Shibusa Crema Hex 9 x 11 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Shibusa Crema Hex 9 x 11 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile


Hex floor tile also looks stunning in bathrooms to energize and the space. Paired with accompanying toned walls and fixtures, it brings vibrancy and excitement that draws guests in and makes your room fun. Shibusa in Bianco or Grigio hex also has an earthy, wood pattern. The organic, peaceful feeling of this tile is perfect for a bathroom space.

At Arizona Tile, our team is here to make your renovation a breeze. Our experienced crew has the knowledge and skills to help you incorporate stylish tile into any space in your home.

Our online design tools, the Just Imagine Visualizer and the Slab Inventory are here to help you pick out your dream tile. If you feel gray hex tile can improve your room design, contact us or stop into one of our many locations today to get the process started. We can walk you through any step of renovation to make your tile installation a success.


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