Farmhouse Tile Steam Shower Bliss

Posted on Oct 21, 2022
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Featured Image: Aequa Tur 8 x 32 Porcelain Shower Wall Tile & Aequa Tur Hex 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 Mesh Porcelain Shower Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Having a steam shower in the comfort of your own home creates an oasis unlike any other. The mind and body benefits may be something you’ve felt at a spa, but with the help of beautiful farmhouse shower tile, you can recreate this luxurious experience in your own shower.

A steam shower has many incredible benefits. It can help reduce stress, remove toxins from your body, alleviate pain from arthritis and respiratory burdens, improve circulation and heart health, clear pores for skin health, aid in sleep, and assist in muscle recovery from exercise. It’s important to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere so that you can relax and optimize those benefits for your entire body. Farmhouse shower tile offers a spa-like look that is stylish, simple, and timeless.

Image: Cementine Black & White 2 Patterned Porcelain Tile Shower Wall from Arizona Tile

Farmhouse Shower Tile Elements

Given the heat and moisture created by steam, the type of material used is very important to ensure it can withstand these elements. Porcelain shower tile in farmhouse designs are a great option for these wet conditions. Plus, these tile types typically require minimal maintenance. By “minimal maintenance” we mean you need to simply wipe the tile with a sponge to maintain luster and clean with a soapless detergent.

Then there’s its unparalleled durability of porcelain tile which can withstand wet, hot environments because of its low porosity, unlike natural stone. It’s also color-permanent, abrasion resistant, and unable to be cut, torn, gouged, or punctured. Farmhouse-style porcelain shower tile is an aesthetically and functionally rewarding option that will be a quality, long-lasting enhancement to your home.

Image: Tru Marmi Venatino 24 x 48 Porcelain Shower Wall Tile (left wall) & Chymia Mix 1 White Porcelain Shower Wall Tile (back wall) and Tru Marmi Venatino 4 Inch Hex Mesh Shower Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Shower Tile Designs to Love

Farmhouse style is about warmth and simplicity.  Blend vintage or antique items with modern accessories to fill out the space. Then add natural textures like wood and steel for an additional rustic look. Because of the style’s neutrality, mixing textures and patterns can bring a splash of energy to the room. .

Reverie, Chymia, and Cementine Black and White are great options to achieve this look.  Cementine Black and White porcelain tile come in five unique designs that provide charm and elegance with a vintage effect. Chymia porcelain tile displays graphically created designs with floral features. There are both bold and subtle black-and-white color selections, perfect for those who prefer movement in the space or for those who would like a more unified look. Fashioned with vintage designs with an aged allure, Reverie porcelain tile pairs well with modern décor and materials. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid color options, both work well together as feature and accent pieces in your design.

All three of these porcelain farmhouse tile options would elevate the space. Consider having one of them installed as an accent wall within the shower, or used as an accent along the shower walls and in built-in tile shower shelves. Cementine Black and White, Chymia, and Reverie accent areas will remain beautiful and timeless within your at-home shower sanctuary.

Image: Themar Venato Gold Matte 12 x 24 Porcelain Shower Wall Tile & 2-3/8 Matte Hex Mesh Porcelain Shower Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

How to Pair Your Shower Tile

If you have found the accent tile you love, you need to consider how you can pair the tile. For any style preference, modern farmhouse shower tile design is customizable. To make certain your tile fits perfectly into your design and will add the wow factor you desire, peek at all porcelain and ceramic options we have to offer.

A few loved options are Concerto, Themar, and Aequa. Aequa is different from some other tile options because has the appearance of reclaimed wood. And because it’s a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required. Reclaimed wood is one of the most commonly used components of a farmhouse design. The Aequa series offers five color options ranging from a rich, medium brown, Castor, to more neutral tones like Cirrus and Nix. Each provides a warm, rustic look that is sure to fall into the design aesthetic you’re looking for.

If natural stone is where your admiration lies, the Themar series will delight your senses. Available in five different colors, from white to grey to cream, you can enjoy this luxurious look in your tile steam shower without the worry of constant maintenance.

Image: Concerto Pearl  Matte & Glossy Porcelain Tile Shower Wall from Arizona Tile

There are no rules to how many porcelain tile selections you can pair together in your dream tile shower, especially if you want a focal point, a main tile, and accent areas. Another calming option is the Concerto series. Available in seven color options, either with a glossy or matte finish, the array of neutral and smoky color hues would create beautiful shower walls and accent pieces. Mix and match finishes to create an eye-catching design and add a trim piece for the perfect final touch.

Image: Reverie 2  Porcelain  Accent Shower Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

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