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Luyendyk-6.webpFeatured Image: Ivory White Honed Quartz with Shower Shelf & Tru Marmi Extra Matte 4-Inch Hex Porcelain from Arizona Tile

A shower isn’t complete without all the right products. Soap, shampoo, facial cleansers, conditioner — the list goes on. Incorporating storage space into your design plans is a crucial step that’s often overlooked. While you could always use a hanging shower caddy, a built-in tile shower shelf is much sleeker and sturdier. Whether you opt for recessed shelves that offer deep storage, or a sleek corner stack of floating shelves for an upscale look, building a tile shower shelf is a long-lasting solution that is both functional and sophisticated.

In this article, we’ll break down different shower shelf styles and share tips for building storage space within your shower.  Be sure to check with your tile installer as well, he/she will be able to share options that might be best for your project.

Shower Shelf Styles

Bath and shower storage — as menial of a detail as it might seem —have a large impact on the functionality of your bath space. Not only that, but they are a stylish accent piece and an opportunity to show off more of your personal style. When building storage space, start with one of these timeless shower shelf ideas.

Recessed Shower Shelving

Recessed shelves, otherwise known as shower niches, are fairly straightforward to install and are as functional as they are stylish. A relatively inexpensive option, they keep your items off the floor as well as give you a more upscale look compared to store-bought organizers.  Choose a modern appearance with a sleek white tile and minimalist dark, matte fixtures. Ivory White Honed quartz is a glamorous choice for the shower walls, with a faint pattern that gives it the appearance of natural stone.  Complement the look with a glass shower door and a large recessed shelf. Be sure that the base of your recessed shelf is placed no higher than shoulder height for easy access.

10-Caddy-white.webpImage: 10″ Shower Caddy Shelf Available in a Variety of Colors from Arizona Tile

Corner Shower Shelves

A corner shelf adds a quaint touch of farmhouse flair. It offers a quick fix to any storage problem and can be fairly easy to install, you can review options with your tile installer. Add one shelf to prop up a few items or add a set to keep your products organized and display a few design accessories. For storage shelves, keep them around shoulder height so you don’t have to strain to grab your products. For decorative shelves, place those at or slightly above eye-level. Available in seven sleek colors, the metal QT Series Shower Caddy is water, stain, and mold resistant. Add one or more of these storage savers to your next shower project.

Ledge Shower Shelf

A long ledge shelf adds dimension to your shower and provides plenty of space for storage. You can add multiple ledges on various walls and leverage some for your skincare and bath products, while others can house design elements, such as decorative bowls, greenery, or linens. Keep the ledge between waist and shoulder height so you can easily grab your products. For an added touch, use the ledge as an opportunity to incorporate additional colors or contrasting materials. Combining a rich stone with organic movement like Meteor Shower Satin with a  beautiful 2 x 2 marble mosaic and frosted glass elevates your bath with a luxurious feel.

Meteor-Shower-Satin_Hampton-Silver-Hex.webpImage: Meteor Shower Satin Granite Shower Shelf from Arizona Tile

Tips for Building a Shower Shelf

Whether you’re completing a project for your client or designing your own dream bathroom, as you read above, there are many options to create the storage you need. However, it’s important to be in the know when starting any project. Be sure to follow these tips when building your shower shelf.

Make Sure it’s Waterproof

It might seem obvious, but triple-check that the materials you’re using are water resistant. Opt for waterproof caulk or grout to secure your tile and a cement backer board that’s water and mold resistant when building a recessed shelf.  Flash always makes a wonderful choice for any bathroom design. Available in eight gorgeous shades, its organic movement pairs well with natural elements like a warm wood.

arizona-v1-1053527.webpImage: Flash Blush Ceramic Tile Shower Shelf from Arizona Tile

Use a Durable and Low-Maintenance Tile

In addition to being water resistant, you’re going to want to use a tile that’s built to last. Look for something that requires minimal maintenance and can withstand daily wear and tear. Available in four soft neutral colors and a variety of sizes, Pietra Italia mimics the appearance of limestone, but as a porcelain product requires less routine care. Most porcelain or ceramic tile is a great choice for a shower or bath because it’s easy to wash and maintain its appearance. Grout cleaners are available for stubborn stains. Otherwise, use a ceramic/porcelain tile cleaner with fresh water for regular cleanings. Don’t use vinegar or any cleaners containing acids or strong alkaline agents. Also, do not use scouring powders; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface of the tile.

Shower-4.webpImage: Pietra Italia White Porcelain Tile Shower Shelf from Arizona Tile

Mix and Match Materials

Storage space doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you choose to install a ledge, shower niche, or corner stack of shelves, use it as an opportunity to incorporate new style elements. Themar is an elegant, marble-looking porcelain tile that pairs beautifully with other accent pieces. Add a touch of modern styling with a chrome border to your recessed shower shelf or contrast the softness of the tile with a richer stone feature wall. Playing with textures or colors creates a luxurious, spa-like feel.

Bathroom-5.webpImage: Themar Venato Gold Porcelain Tile Shower Shelf from Arizona Tile

For your next shower project, trust the care and experience of Arizona Tile. Contact us today to connect with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can also shop our online slab yard to see what’s available at the location near you.  Get a sense of how a product may look in a space with our Just Imagine Visualizer. Or, if you live nearby, feel free to stop into one of our showrooms to get more acquainted with our stock of high-quality tile and stone.

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