Green Bathroom Tile Ideas

Posted on Jul 29, 2022
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Gioia Avocado Porcelain Bathroom Shower Wall Tile from Arizona TileImage:  Gioia Avocado Porcelain Bathroom Shower Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

It has been found that colors can affect your mood. While green symbolizes wealth and new beginnings, it is also known to be calming, relaxing, and easiest on the eyes. Surround you and your guests with peace and tranquility by using green tile on your bathroom floor, shower, wall, or backsplash.

If you are redesigning a bathroom or building a new home, this is the perfect time to get creative with your bathroom tile design. . Green evokes a sense of calm and is the perfect choice if you’d like your bathroom to feel like a luxurious spa. Read on for some wonderful green tile options.

Which Green Bathroom Tile Should I Choose?

When hearing “green tile” you may picture a darker hue, like the perfect green of the rainbow.  While this is a beautiful color, there are many shades of green – ranging from light to dark, all which can elicit different emotional responses. Arizona Tile has varying options for you to connect with the perfect shade that is right for your green bathroom tile design.

_JFP0402-plain.webpImage: Gioia Avocado & Gioia Aqua Porcelain Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile


Light green offers a fresh, clean, peaceful feel to the room. Gioia Aqua is a pale green option that not only provides gorgeous color to beautifully surround you in the shower, but its high gloss finish adds an additional touch of elegance and comfort that perfectly emulates the natural sparkle of water.

Personal preference and color associations may point you toward darker colors. , If this is true for you, look no further than Gioia Avocado. This dark green has a mystical feeling like the depths of a forest or the beauty of green sapphire.

The Gioia series is available in sixteen bright, beautiful color options and are a wonderful accent to any design.  If you are finding that you love more than one color of this low-maintenance porcelain tile, simply add another color as accent tile! A practical and eye-catching way to do this in your shower stall is to add built-in shelves as part of the design. Having space to set your personal products is necessary so why not fashion these nooks with different green tile to make a statement piece  Try the same green tile you select for your backsplash to tie the space together.

Bisou-dawn-on-the-back-wall-2--2.webpImage: Geo 2 Bisou Dawn Glass Bathroom Tile Wall Backsplash from Arizona Tile


A bathroom tile backsplash is a space to create a focal point. Adding a green tile backsplash can take your design to the next level.  This is a great opportunity to add the Geo 2 series into the mix for a green-focused tile bathroom.  With innovative patterns and artistic design, Bisou Dawn, Harmonie Verse, Metro Midtown, and Thyme would make stunning, unique choices for your bathroom transformation. Offering trendy green color, contemporary style, and geometric pattern, you’ll love the dimension this glass tile adds to your spa-inspired bathroom.

Wall and Floor

While most people opt to add tile to their bathroom floor, some choose to add half wall tile or tile from floor to ceiling, depending on their design and personal preferences. Using different shades of green tile can add contrast to a monochromatic color scheme, however, using one color can make the space appear larger. One way to bring an organic feel to the space is by pairing green tile with wood and wood-colored tones.

Install-8-2019.webpImage: Vetri Naturale Porcelain Bathroom Tile Backsplash & Opaline Quartz Countertop from Arizona Tile

Vetri series is rectified glazed porcelain that comes in 4 x 12, 8 x 24, and 24 x 24. Acqua is one of the color offerings on hand, and this stunning pale green evokes a fresh, clean, peaceful feeling. Naturale has a slight green base and is a very neutral color.  Pair it with other green tile or bathroom décor to highlight the green in this softer tile option.

Don’t hesitate to use Vetri 24 x 24 tile on the wall, floor, or both. It is easy to assume that in a smaller space you should use smaller tile, but that is not the case. 24 x 24 tile can look stunning in a shower stall or on a bathroom wall. This gives the almost-always desired illusion of a larger area. Mix in some smaller 8 x 24 and 4 x 12 tile horizontally across the middle section of the design to add some dimension through pattern.

Mixing green bathroom tile is a great idea to a add truly unique design element to your bathrooms space. At Arizona Tile, we have the resources available to help you incorporate whichever color you desire into your home renovation. Not sure how your ideas will look in your space? Check out our online tile visualizer tool to see how our products will look in a room before committing. Or peruse our Online Slab Yard to find the piece you need at the location near you. If you prefer a more hands-on experience, stop into one of our many locations or contact us to set an appointment with one of our tile and stone experts today.

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