Featured Image: Marrakesh Color Glossy Mix From Arizona Tile

Hand painted tiles lend an air of culture and warmth to any space. If you’re looking for decorative tiles rather than uniform color, our Seville and Marrakesh lines will bring the hand-crafted look to your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space.

While our hand painted tile lines look like hand-painted tiles, they are actually glazed porcelain products. This means that they’ll wear better and be easier to maintain over time. They also fit many of the regional trends already preferred by customers. Here’s a breakdown of how these painted tiles might fit the popular styles in your area.

Image: Seville Collection Tile From Arizona Tile


If you want a Latin flair to your hand painted porcelain tiles, the Seville collection does the trick. Influenced by early Spanish artisans who crafted motto pavers and decorative tiles by hand, these decos and listelles can go just about anywhere—indoors or out, floor or wall, on the counter, in the shower, you name it.

Perfect for: Hand painted porcelain tiles are trending in Tucson, AZ, right now, making the Seville collection an excellent fit. The Murrieta, CA, region favors decor with a Spanish influence. The circular design of the Castilla pattern is reminiscent of another Murrieta trend: the penny round and flat pebble look. Meanwhile, Albuquerque customers will appreciate the Southwest tone of this line, along with its vibrant Basilica listellos.

For a change of pace: Salt Lake City, UT, customers chasing those striking color schemes may find a fresh take on “bold” with this collection. Tempe, AZ, customers looking to add pizzaz with deco and listelle tiles might find ideas here as well.

Image: Marrakesh Color Glossy Mix Variety From Arizona Tile


The Marrakesh line includes decorative porcelain and decorative ceramic tile varieties with a distinct Turkish flavor. They come in glossy finish for ceramic, matte finish for porcelain, and each box contains a mix of tile faces that combine to form a colorful celebration in your space. For a more subdued look, try the gray version. While it’s safe to expose the porcelain matte finish tiles to water submersion and freezing temps, you should not allow the ceramic polished finish tiles to endure those same conditions. Otherwise, Marrakesh tiles are as versatile as the Seville line, making a fun splash of color for floors and walls, counters and fireplaces.

Perfect for: Arizona customers in Scottsdale and Tucson, on the hunt for hand painted porcelain tiles, will appreciate this eclectic choice.

For a change of pace: Salt Lake City, UT, customers might consider this for a new attempt at striking color. San Marcos, CA, customers should check out the gray version for a twist on the smokey blue-gray look. Go further outside the box by using painted tiles in place of wallpaper. When applied to a full wall, this pattern recalls 1970s wallpaper, an attractive and creative option for San Diego customers who go for faux fabric design on their tiles.

How else could hand painted tiles provide a new take on your regional styles? See for yourself with the Just Imagine Visualizer from Arizona Tile.

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