Introducing Our New Paros Hex Tile Line

Posted on May 22, 2020
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Paros Black Hex Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Paros Black Hex Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

While traditional tile shapes are popular and timeless, you might be looking for something with a little added character for your next tile project. Our new Paros Hex porcelain tile is available in a unique hex shape to give your floor, wall, backsplash or other surface a sleek, contemporary vibe.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of our favorite ideas for incorporating hex tile like Paros into your space.

Contemporary Backsplash

A hex tile backsplash is modern and minimalist. The unique geometric shape helps it stand out against the linear lines of the countertop and cabinets, without being too bold. Using larger hex tiles like Paros can also help visually extend your backsplash and make the space feel more open.

Paros is available in three colors, which allows plenty of creativity in arranging the perfect design for your kitchen. A white hex tile backsplash is smooth, subtle and chic, but you can also mix it up by pairing two color options together in an alternating pattern. Black with white is classic, while white and navy blue hex tile offers a slightly softer, cooler look.

Image: Paros Black Hex Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Geometric Flooring

For a floor with some flair, hex tile flooring is eye-catching and sleek. Paros is a porcelain tile, which makes it both extremely durable and easy to clean—ideal for high-traffic floors like kitchens, living rooms and entryways. Timeless colors like black, white and navy tend to pair well with virtually any color palette while giving the space added elegance.

Image: Paros Black Hex & Navy Hex Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Bathroom Hex Tile

Use hex tile in the bathroom to create a cool, trendy look. Porcelain hex tile can be used on the walls and floors of the bathroom, as well as on shower walls. However, it is not recommended for use on shower floors because it is not slip-resistant when wet.

To add character and visual interest to your bathroom, consider using primarily one color of hex tile while adding a few accent tiles in a contrasting color at intervals. On white hex tile walls, for example, you could add a pattern of alternating blue tiles in one row to create an accent strip effect.

Image: Paros Hex White & Black Porcelain Wall Tile From Arizona Tile

Fireplace Surround

Porcelain tile like Paros is also an excellent option for fireplace surrounds. Resistant to heat and very easy to keep clean, porcelain tile is the perfect way to modernize and upgrade an outdated fireplace design. A solid white or black hex tile fireplace is beautiful and sleek and will complement a huge range of wall colors and floor styles.

If you’re sold on hex tile, there’s an easy way to see how well it would work in your home. With our online Just Imagine tool, you can visualize what Palos hex tile would look like in your space. Get inspired and find your favorite tile colors, patterns and more with Just Imagine.

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