Take Your Space to a New Dimension with 3D Wall Tile

Posted on Sep 1, 2021
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Featured Image: Silver Split 3-D Mesh Mount Stack Travertine Stone Bedroom Wall from Arizona Tile

There is a new tile trend that has a luxurious combination of elegance and playfulness. If you’re looking for a creative and sophisticated way to add dimension to your space, 3D ceramic and stone tile walls are the perfect solution. Discover the unique characteristics and possibilities of 3D textured stone and ceramic tiles.

What are 3D Wall Tiles

The 3D wall tile series elevates any room. These tiles fit together seamlessly like regular tile, but then their softly grooved patterns elegantly sprawl across their surface to create a beautiful three-dimensional texture across the wall. The 3D series ceramic textured tiles have five style choices — Blade, Ribbon, Twist, Wave, and Matte — that each bring depth into your space in special ways. Made responsibly with some recycled materialthe 3D series wall tile series comes in either white or grey, which are both classic choices for any color palette, room, or style.

These versatile tiles pair beautifully with many types of styling and can set the mood of the room, whether you want a more delicate touch or a strong edge. You can use diffused lighting to soften the tile’s shadows for an elegant and peaceful look that minimizes contrast, or use direct lighting to enhance the tile’s texture to add even more bold dimension to your space.

Trendy Ways to Use 3D Stone Wall Panels

There are many exciting ways to use 3D stones and ceramic tiles to add dimension to any room. Explore five trendy yet also timeless places to incorporate 3D textured tile in your residential or commercial space:

3D White Ribbon Matte Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: 3D White Ribbon Matte Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

1. Bathroom Walls

The bathroom has endless tile possibilities, but one great solution is 3D tile because of its versatility and unique texture. You can make your relaxation space extend all the way to the ceiling by using a wall of 3D tile behind your bathtub. Choosing the luxurious white color will pair perfectly with your bathtub to create a minimalist’s dream bathroom. Just like ocean waves, light playfully dances and bounces off the textured tile’s surface, creating a tranquil spa experience in your home. The ribbons, twists, or waves of recycled ceramic spiral across your bathroom walls to add new dimension and personality to the space.

Rocas Azul, 3D White Wave Matte Bathroom Wall from Arizona Tile
Image: Rocas Azul, 3D White Wave Matte Bathroom Wall from Arizona Tile 

2. Accents

Accent walls are always a great opportunity to add a punch of style to any room. Some accent walls incorporate a bold color or wallpaper, 3D series ceramic wall tiles are the new, more luxurious way to liven up your space. Make a bold style choice with a grey or white three-dimensional tile wall. With its pleasant textures and neutral color, it will capture attention in the best way and can fit into any color palette.

3D Grey Twist Ceramic Divider Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: 3D Grey Twist Ceramic Divider Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

3. Divider Walls

Another way to use these 3D stone and ceramic tiles is on divider walls. Whether the divider wall separates the shower stall from the rest of the bathroom, or it divides a room or exterior space into distinct areas, 3D stone and ceramic tiles can help elevate this wall into a stylish feature, instead of an eye-sore. The rugged patterns give an exterior divider wall the element of durability they need.

3D White Blade Matte, Denali-N White Quartz from Arizona Tile
Image: 3D White Blade Matte, Denali-N White Quartz from Arizona Tile

4. Kitchen Backsplashes

3D series ceramic tile makes the perfect kitchen backsplash because it has just enough zing and oomph to catch your eye, but it’s not too bold that it will distract from your beautiful kitchen countertops. The Blade, Wave, and Matte patterns look particularly stylish as a kitchen backsplash. Your under cabinet lighting will also play splendidly with the tile’s texture.

To create the illusion of elongated kitchen walls, you can choose to have your backsplash tile installed with a vertical orientation. The textured pattern will appear to stretch upwards towards the ceiling, adding height and dimension to your kitchen.

3D White Blade Matte Ceramic Office Space Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: 3D White Blade Matte Ceramic Office Space Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

5. Office Space Walls

The trendiest businesses use 3D series ceramic wall tile in their office buildings to demonstrate their distinctive and polished style that set them apart from competition. You can modernize your office, business, or other commercial building with this gorgeous rectified tile. Set a peaceful tone in your spa, salon, or any waiting room with the softer styles, like Twist or Ribbon, that have gentle curves and tranquil textures. Or elevate your office with the bold and powerful Blade style in grey. Any commercial space can benefit from 3D series tile’s charming personality.

Add Dimension to Your Space with Help From Arizona Tile

Since these 3D ceramic and stone tiles are so versatile, using your imagination and creativity you can probably dream up even more ways to use them in your home or commercial space. To get started on your design project, check out Arizona Tile‘s extensive tile collections. You can also use our design tools to experiment with which room of your house to install 3D ceramic and stone wall tiles and which color and style to choose. Contact us today to get started.

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