Warm Up Your Bathroom with Heated Floor Tile

Posted on Apr 29, 2022
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Bianco Carrara Marble Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Lagos Sand 24 x 48 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

There’s nothing more luxurious than stepping out of the shower onto a warm, heated floor rather than feeling cold tiles underfoot. If you’re planning to replace your bathroom flooring with new tile, why not upgrade with an underfloor heating system while you’re at it?

A heated tile floor in the bathroom is a real treat and a great way to make your bathroom more comfortable, cozy and enjoyable. Let’s take a look at how floor heating works and how to choose the best tile or stone for a bathroom floor heating system.

Best Tile for Heated Floors

When shopping for the best floor tile for a heated floor setup, you might think that you’re limited to special heat-resistant materials. However, while heated floors of course generate heat, an underfloor heating system will never get hot enough to cause heat damage to any type of tile. Some floor types, such as hardwood, can be warped and damaged by constant temperature fluctuations, but tile and stone are perfectly durable for this use.

So, when searching for the perfect tile for your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about narrowing down your options by heat resistance. At Arizona Tile, any of our porcelain and natural stone products can be used over an underfloor heat system safely.  Here are some recommendations.

Ardesia Black 12 x 24 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Ardesia Black 12 x 24 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Porcelain Tiles for Underfloor Heating

There are a few factors that can make certain materials better for heated flooring. For example, some materials can conduct heat more readily, ensuring your bathroom floors will heat up quickly and retain their heat better.

One of the best conductors of heat when it comes to floor tile is porcelain tile. Porcelain is a natural conductor and the tiles are quite thin, so they heat quickly and efficiently, using less energy and warming your toes faster. Plus, the multitude of color and pattern options, combined with porcelain’s durability, makes it an excellent choice for heated bathroom floors that are modern and stylish.

Porcelain tile has even more benefits when it comes to bathroom flooring, too. If slippery tile is a concern for you, we have a solution. In a wet environment like a shower floor, consider investing in porcelain tile that features R11 Anti-Slip Finish. This is a special, innovative coating that provides added safety by improving the surface’s grip without changing the appearance or style of your porcelain tile.

Pietra Italia White 24 x 48 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Pietra Italia White 24 x 48 Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Many of our beautiful porcelain floor tiles are available with R11 Anti-Slip Finish, including Aequa, Ardesia and Pietra Italia. These products are all available in a range of modern colors and offer a timeless appearance that works with many décor styles. Imagine the luxury of a bathroom floor that is heated, visually stunning, and has a slip-resistant option for the shower floor – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Heated Stone Tile Floors

Stone tiles, including granite, marble, limestone and travertine, are another good choice for heated floors. While stone tiles are often thicker and may take more time to heat up than porcelain or ceramic, they are usually better at retaining that heat for a longer period of time.

Imagine the luxury and elegance of heated marble floors in your bathroom. We offer a range of one-of-a-kind marble tile that can be used with a floor heating system, including Bianco Carrara, Calacatta Gold Aspen and Statuario Colorado.

Calacatta Gold Marble Bathroom Floor from Arizona Tile
Image: Calacatta Gold Marble Bathroom Floor from Arizona Tile

Choosing the Right Floor Heating System

Are you looking for the ideal underfloor heat system for your tiled bathroom? Talk to an Arizona Tile expert about installing the DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system from Schluter. DITRA-HEAT is an easy-to-install, waterproof membrane with floor heating cables. The system is simply installed beneath your tile floors and works to warm the tiles and retain heat longer. It also features integrated uncoupling technology to prevent tiles from cracking and breaking. With this system, your floors will stay warm and comfortable exactly when you need them with customizable heated zones and easy programmability.

Need more help planning your heated flooring project? Our team of experts is always available for a consultation to help you find the best tile and stone for your bathroom’s floor heating system. Discover your favorite natural stone and tile options in person at one of our locations, or explore our virtual design tools. Our Just Imagine Visualizer enables you to see how a product will look in your space before committing, while our Online Slab Yard lets you find the piece you need at the location near you.


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