What To Do With Leftover Tiles?

Posted on May 20, 2021
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Featured Image: Lagos Mud 2”x2” Porcelain Kitchen Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

How amazing is tile? It’s, by far, one of the most versatile materials and comes in numerous styles, patterns, sizes, and colors. Even better, you don’t have to throw away any leftovers after a major project Because you can use them on fireplaces, backsplashes, and even outdoor areas. Whether you have ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass or even natural stone like marble, there is so much you can do with leftover tiles. Here are some ideas.

Image: Gioia Navy Glossy Porcelain Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

If you have leftover natural stone tile like marble, it could do very well on a kitchen or bathroom countertop. It may seem counterintuitive to use leftover tiles on an area like your kitchen countertop, but a professional can help you get incredible results. Depending on the size of your tiles, they could bring the right equipment to cut them into beautiful shapes for accent tile and make sure they’re installed correctly to give you a clean and pristine look. Depending on your design, even broken tiles can be incorporated to create a unique aesthetic full of character.

Image: Bianco Venatino Honed Marble Pencil 45 Liner from Arizona Tile

Create Beautiful Mosaics

If you have leftover tiles in smaller pieces and in different colors, creating customized mosaic layouts is a viable option that will provide your home with a truly personalized aesthetic. Now, hiring a professional will ensure you make the most of all those pieces and give you a statement piece that will withstand the test of time. One of the best things about mosaics is that they can use different types of materials, so if you have several different types of tiles, you can combine them for an even more unique design.

If you have remaining ceramic wall tiles, you can combine them with porcelain, glass, or natural stone tiles to create a design with rich visual texture. The best part is that you can use your mosaic design to accentuate a wall or in an entirely different place, like your shower. Even better, you can create unique mosaic designs for your outdoor space, like your patio or walkway. Your contractor will cut them into the most desired sizes to come up with a pattern that will work well with the rest of the space.

Image: Flash Glossy Porcelain Tile Kitchen Wet Bar Backsplash from Arizona Tile

Tile Wet and Dry Bars

The idea of wet and dry bars has been booming for a while now, and what better way to create one than to use all those leftover tiles you have at your disposal.

Whether you would like a small dry bar or a coffee bar, you can create the ultimate spot where you can kick back and relax once you get home. If your tile pieces are in neutral hues, you can create a farmhouse-style wet bar for optimum rustic charm. If you have white and blue tiles, ask your contractor to create a Mediterranean look, which could work exceptionally well if you have yellows and greens existing in the space.

Image: Islandia Barbados Glass Tile Dry Bar Backsplash from Arizona Tile

You can even have your installer create a micro mosaic look by cutting the tiles into smaller pieces. If you have shiny leftover tiles, they will do really well in a dark place like a basement because they will reflect light and create an inviting ambiance. If you’re currently looking to purchase a large amount of glass tiles, like our Islandia Glass Series, whatever remains can be used to create a glamorous backsplash for your wet or dry bar. It could be an excellent way to add depth and the illusion of more space to a small area.

Image: Paloma Cotton Glossy Picket 3″ x 12″ Ceramic Bathroom Backsplash Tile from Arizona Tile

A Glamorous Backsplash

If you have a large amount of leftover tiles, you can create a glamorous backsplash for your kitchen, especially if you have two or three different colors that could create an incredible pattern. A professional installer will help you choose the best grout color to go well with your tiles and give your backsplash a seamless look. The right grout color can also help conceal common kitchen messes.

Glazed porcelain tiles have several good benefits, like being non-porous, heatproof, scratchproof, and stain-resistant. They are incredibly easy to maintain, and a professional can install them in a way that enhances their design.

If you have ceramic tiles, like these Paloma Tiles, they’ll look incredibly attractive and unique as a bathroom backsplash. Ask your contractor if those pieces can create a unique mosaic design that complements your bathroom decor.

Image: Pietra Italia Beige R11 Anti-Slip Finish, Aequa Tur Outdoor Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Go for the Outdoors

Have you considered the possibilities of accenting your patio, balcony, terrace, or walkway with the leftover tiles? If you had a huge project with outdoor tiles and have leftovers, you can highlight your outdoor spaces with the remaining pieces. Depending on the amount of tiles you have, you can even go for the poolside deck and gain major visual enhancements.
As a result, you will not only get a great outcome but a fashionable and durable design that will withstand extreme weather conditions. Some of the top benefits of tiles are that they retain the surface luster and colors for years, and the patterns and color scheme that will enable you to create an incredible design are virtually limitless.

Final Takeaways

If you have leftover tiles, make the most out of them by choosing any of these projects. Take advantage of the most ideal option instead of throwing them away. With the right contractor, you’ll be glad you had all those tiles at your disposal.
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