6 Trendy Uses For Textured Tile

Posted on Apr 2, 2021
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Featured Image: Castle Brick Red Porcelain Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Textured tiles are the latest must-try design trend. From shiny metallic to look-a-like wood, you can easily add dimension and visual intrigue to any surface with textured tiles. With the many types of textured tiles, there are endless possibilities of what you can do with them. Here are several trendy ideas for using textured tile.

Image: Konkrete Beige R11 Anti-Slip Finish 24 x 48 Indoor/Outdoor Large Format Tile from Arizona Tile

1. Indoor to Outdoor Transitions

You can add livable square footage to your house without an expensive structural add-on. The solution is to transform your outdoor space into a desirable entertainment area. By creating a seamless indoor to outdoor transition, you can achieve the highly sought-after open concept look while increasing your usable space.

The key to extending your living space outdoors is using the same style of flooring inside and outside. This is where the textured tile trend comes in. By using tiles that mimic a natural-looking material like concrete, the outdoors feels like another room in your house. Konkrete tiles have the organic look of concrete with slight shade variations and textures, but they are actually made of practical porcelain. With our R11 Anti-Slip finish, these textured tiles are safe, practical, and visually appealing.

Image: Secil White Split 3-D Mesh Mount Stack Fireplace Surround from Arizona Tile

2. Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace surround is a popular feature because of its many practical and design purposes. You can increase a fireplace’s visual impact even more by incorporating the textured tile trend. Any fireplace can quickly become a stone fireplace with 3D mesh mount stone tile. People are drawn to the look of stone fireplaces because their texture and dimension make the room even more homey, comfortable, and charming. With stunning stone tile in marble or limestone, you can achieve the sophisticated stone fireplace look.

Image: Dunes Platinum Leaves, Dunes Denim Leaves, Dunes Pewter 3×12 Wave Glass Tile from Arizona Tile

3. Bathroom Walls

Don’t be afraid to play around with textured tile across your whole bathroom. Tile does not have to be constrained to shower floors or walls. Textured tile on the floor or walls of your bathroom adds a soothing, tactile element that will make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa.

Textured tiles can also be smooth to the touch yet still have visual texture. Glass tiles reflect and refract light beautifully, mimicking the way light hits water and giving the bathroom stunning dimension. Some texture also comes from the shape and pattern of the tiles. If you want a softer, more organic pattern, consider glass tiles with rounded or smoothed corners.

For a more eye-catching and bold design, use glass tiles in chevron or sharp-edged patterns. If you can’t decide, mix and match patterns for even more visual intrigue. Also, if you have a textured tile design on the walls, you can balance this out with large and smooth tiles on the ground.

Image: Shibusa Tortora Long Rhomboid 3 x 4 Mesh Porcelain Kitchen Backsplash Tile from Arizona Tile

4. Kitchen Backsplashes

The thin strip of space between your cabinets and countertop is the perfect canvas for tying your kitchen’s design together. Kitchen backsplashes are always a great spot for creativity and bold design. Experiment with textured tile. Next to smooth wood cabinets, a textured backsplash adds dimension to the space. With countertop lights underneath cabinets to illuminate your countertops, the light playfully bounces off a textured tile backsplash to create even more visual interest.

If you are looking for a textured tile that brings the whole kitchen together, try Shibusa for your backsplash. The soft and versatile look of the Shibusa porcelain tile can balance out the soft and light elements in your kitchen and can easily complement a wood-look kitchen tile floor.

Image: Islandia Barbados Glass Tile from Arizona Tile

5. Interior Pool Tile

There are many swimming pool design trends that use texture to create dimension and appeal. Glass tiles are popular in swimming pools because of the beautiful way that they interact with water and light. Available in a range of coastal colors, Islandia Glass tiles are an ideal choice for your pool with the way they shimmer in the sunlight for that sunny tropical vibe.

Texture can also mean more than rough surfaces that are textured to the touch. You can also achieve a textured tile look by using smooth tiles that are shaped into a pattern or are painted with a pattern on them. Even though these trends deal with tiles that have literal texture to the touch, don’t forget that smooth is also technically a texture. You may prefer the smooth and slick feel of porcelain tiles in your swimming pool.

Tiles inherently have texture because of their grid layout and natural material, so even smooth tiles have visual and even tactile intrigue. Experiment with bold mosaic tiles for a high-end and creative look.

6. Mixing Smooth and Textured Tiles

Be playful with tiles. Keep style trends in mind, but don’t be afraid to play around, mix and match, or incorporate custom designs and patterns. Textured tiles become even more appealing and interesting when they are contrasted against smooth tiles in a different size or layout. If you have textured tiles on the floor, enhance your design with smooth tiles on the walls, or the other way around. Let your imagination run wild with textured tiles.

From stone or metal to glass or concrete, Arizona Tile carries a wide selection of textured tiles for any design you can think of. With our Just Imagine design tool, you can easily turn your tile design ideas into an actual image.

Try out these textured tile design trends or explore an idea from your imagination. Browse our large collection, or contact us to learn more about textured tiles.

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